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The benefits for amputees and other disabled in taking part in a sport has long been known. I don’t think you can overestimate what sport can give you.

Martine Wright, double amputee, DBF Ambassador


Fitness aids healing and rehabilitation after amputation and other operations and is, of course, beneficial for circulation and the health of mind and body generally.


The sense of well-being that goes with exercise and physical fitness induces feelings of satisfaction and self-worth. Achieving success or simply improvement in a new sport or as a new amputee in a known sport is a great confidence-booster.


Getting involved with a sport almost invariably means meeting other people and training and (hopefully laughing!) with them is a great way to make new and, often, like-minded friends and contacts. This can be particularly true if training or competing as part of a team.

I’ve managed to overcome many problems in coming to terms with my new ‘self’, and adapting to cycling with a prosthetic leg, including riding with the GB Para Cycling Team.  My desire is to help other amputees to enjoy cycling, a wonderful sport, pastime and means of transport through the Douglas Bader Foundation.

Margaret Biggs (aka Leggz of LimbLine), amputee, cyclist, co-founder of Team Bader Cycling, DBF Ambassador.

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