Bader Grant Scheme hero Chris McLeod

We were delighted to receive this wonderful message from Bader Grant Scheme hero Chris McLeod, one of our latest tranche of successful Bader Grant applicants.

Chris applied for a Bader Grant to enable him to return to playing golf, a sport he loves. It’s widely known that Sir Douglas also loved golf and excelled at it, reaching a handicap of 4, an incredible achievement for a double lower limb amputee, especially one who steadfastly refused ever to use a stick. We know that he would have supported Chris’s application wholeheartedly as the primary aim of the Bader Grant Scheme has always been to enable people living with disabilities to reach for their own personal goals and dreams. Himself a double lower limb amputee like Sir Douglas, Chris embodies the spirit of the Bader Grant initiative.

I now have a reason to get up in the morning and a social life I can enjoy again. Chris McLeod

There is a lovely quote about Sir Douglas and golf although I don’t know unfortunately who it should be attributed to!

Soon, Bader would boast a handicap of just four, beating virtually everyone that dared to tee it up against him. ‘Golf ‘, he would write, ‘is a game that a physically handicapped person can play on equal terms with others.’ Not that equal terms were enough for Dougie: he also had to win.”

I think that pretty well sums up Sir Douglas’s attitude to life and disability generally!

You will see from Chris’s message below that he has the Bader spirit in spades!

Dear Keith

I would really like to thank the Foundation for the support I have received.

I am now actually able to get onto the golf course.

The lessons that I have been able to receive, through your help, at Fleetwood Golf Course have enabled me to improve so that I can play golf 4 days a week.

I play in a group with stroke victims twice a week and gain professional support as a group. I also play with friends twice a week to practice what I have learned.

I have had a new half set of lighter golf clubs which have helped with my technique and I use a golf buggy to travel around the course. I still have a lot to learn about balance and the effects of the terrain on my balance and movement with prosthetic legs.

Thanks to you I now have a reason to get up in the morning and a social life I can enjoy again.

Yours sincerely

Chris McLeod

You embody the spirit of the Bader Grant Scheme initiative, Chris, and we were proud to be able to support you making your return to the golf course. Just keep on enjoying your golf – that’s thanks in abundance!

Casting Call for Adaptive Drivers

The producer from Electric Robin has contacted us about this exciting casting call for Adaptive Drivers.

The Series

We’re making an exciting new sports series for a major streamer presented by a well-known Paralympian and a broadcaster with a non-visible disability.  The aim of this three-part documentary series is to explore and encourage greater inclusion in UK sports especially for people living with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Each episode will feature contributors going on a journey of sporting discovery with our presenters.  (Janet Chute – Electric Robin)
Electric Robin wonder if any DBF members might be interested in applying for their exciting new casting call. They are looking for motorsports fans who drive using hand controls due to a lower limb impairment. This could lead to someone getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train as a racing driver which would include doing some laps around one of the UK’s major racetracks.
The series aims to show that sports such as motor racing can be accessible to people living with disabilities, including those who drive using hand controls. The driver would need to have full hand function to be able to operate the racing hand controls. The need for the specificity in the casting is in case their driver drops out at the last minute, which occasionally happens in TV. The ‘super substitute’ would be required to safely drive the same specially adapted racing car.

How to Apply

All applicants must be 18+. a UK resident and hold a valid driving licence. Please get in touch with Electric Robin if you fit those criteria and you’re interested in trying out for this casting call for adaptive drivers.
This is an extremely fast turnaround casting so please encourage anyone you know who’s interested to apply ASAP.
Click on the link to the Short Audition website at the bottom of this post.

Casting Call for Adaptive Drivers
Casting Call for Adaptive Drivers
Casting Call for Adaptive Drivers

ADAPTIVE DRIVERS: Do you drive using hand controls due to a lower limb impairment and wish you could zoom around a major track in a racing car? Apply now to be in with a chance to make your dream come true! 

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Hibi – free care support app

Sam Milliken-Smith, co-founder of Hibi – free care support app, contacted us to bring our attention to this care organisation.


Hibi - free care support app

Hibi – Free Care Support Ap

I’m Sam and run a care organisation called Hibi. Hibi is a free care support app for families of children with developmental differences & health conditions used by 7,000+ families around the world and supported by partners including the University of Cambridge.

We built Hibi having ourselves seen how fragmented and complex care systems can be for families. Managing, coordinating & navigating care is overwhelming.

Today, we’re left with towers of paper folders, long waits on telephone helplines, and a whole lot of Google-ing. We founded Hibi with the mission to make sure that all children and their families have the tools, resources and support they need to receive the best care possible.

I built Hibi from personal experience, and we provide families access to tools to store, track & share key information, as well as access to care navigation guidance. You can view a short demo video here.

(Sam Milliken-Smith)


We’re always learning at Hibi, so please do let us know any thoughts, questions or feedback.

It’s always a treat to hear from people who have faced challenges arising from their own situations but then take action (rather than think about taking action as so many of us tend to do!) to make life easier for the people following. Thank you, Sam.

We’re grateful to Sam for getting in touch and feel sure that many caregivers will benefit from Hibi.

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Meet Miranda and Kismattu

I was delighted to be contacted by Miranda, who wanted to bring our attention to her yoga teaching, which she practices both online and in person, and her range of adapted clothing.

Miranda was born with one arm and initially struggled with self-image. However, with huge courage and determination she managed to turn her life around and create something positive not just for her but for others living with limb difference. Her example will also inspire other people who may have thought that their limb difference precluded them doing activities like yoga to realise what is possible and achievable. As Miranda herself found and now helps others to find; healthy adaptations are possible within yoga practice for people with limb difference. This is one of the things she hopes to impart through her Yoga teaching.

Kismattu, the name of Miranda’s clothing line comes from the word Kismet, which translates to Destiny / Fate and this philosophy relates very much to the way Miranda lives her life, largely following her intuition. So – meet Miranda and Kismattu!

Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Miranda demonstrating an anatomically adapted Yoga handstand pose




Do we create fate or is destiny written? 

Growing up with one arm in the environment I did lead to me having a serious lack of self-esteem which lead me to making a lot of bad decisions as a young adult. 

When I started turning my life around, I found out all the years of living off balance has caught up with me. My back pain was bad and the doctors had given me pills I didn’t really want to take for the rest of my life and someone mentioned yoga to me. I had already started doing mindfulness, healthy eating and had started the gym and had found it so helpful with my mental and physical health.

I always find it awkward going to new places, because it means going through the whole arm conversation again, but it’s something you get used to over time. I said to the teacher at my first yoga class just teach and I’ll adapt, what I didn’t know at the time was my adaptations were actually incorrect and could have caused more damage over time. Every class I had done until I started my Teacher Training was in some way wrong, my teachers had been wonderful but they didn’t know how to adapt to my needs.

My back pain has now completely gone, and this is why I am committed to becoming a yoga therapist so I can adapt to people’s individual needs. As we know not one size fits all but we can work with what we have and most importantly learn to love the body we were given. 

When I was in my teens, I would wear jumpers in summer to hide my arm, the thought of having it on show made me feel physically sick. Drinking allowed me to overcome this, however it obviously didn’t end well and was really not the answer to my problems, if fact the very opposite. Through all the inner work of meditation, yoga and other helpful tools I picked up along the way I learned to love my body and embrace my uniqueness.

I have now created a clothing line that aligns with the new me, that doesn’t allow me to hide the best part of me, because if it wasn’t for my arm I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

My goal is to inspire others to love the body they have through the actions they take, and the clothes we wear. Fashion and yoga go hand in hand, they are an expression of self-love and to me that is the best feeling in the world. 

Created or written, I don’t know but I’ve learnt to love the journey with all its ups and downs. 


I learned to love my body and embrace my uniqueness

Kismattu – Miranda’s Line of Adaptive Clothing

Here aresome examples of Miranda’s designs for Kismattu

Kismattu – Magnetic Hoodie
Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Left sleeve adapted Magnetic Hoodie














Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Left leg adapted Trousers
Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Trousers


















Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Miranda hopes to teach other people with limb difference that classical yoga asanas can be adapted safely and effectively. Contact her through her website (link below) for details about her online and in person yoga classes.

Our thanks to Miranda for getting in touch and sharing her passions and her very inspiring story. Her blogs are fascinating and give an insight into the benefits of following your dreams and, not a little, having the courage to trust your instincts to get there! Read them on her website by clicking on the link beneath this post.

It was wonderful to hear from her and to see that, as well as learning to love her body and embrace her uniqueness, she is determined to improve life for others with body difference through her yoga teaching and her gorgeous adapted clothing lines.

I feel sure that we’re only seeing the start of what this amazing woman will achieve. We look forward to the next time we meet Miranda and Kismattu and will be sure to keep you updated!

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  • Kismattu – Miranda’s website where you can read her story and see and order from her range of clothing designs.


STAND: We Walk Together

The evolution has happened! Legs4Africa is now STAND: We Walk Together…

The change has been in creation for several month. Thought, canvassing and analysis leading to discussion and choice of new name and identity to suit the onward journey of this compassionate and very pro-active charity.

Founder, Tom Williams, writes:

“As we continue our journey of empowering individuals with limb differences across sub-Saharan Africa, I am excited to announce that we have evolved from Legs4Africa to a new identity that more holistically embodies our mission and vision. We are now STAND.

STAND represents our commitment to providing high-quality prosthetic limbs and supporting rehabilitation services. This change marks a significant milestone in our journey. Over the past decade, we have grown and learned so much from the incredible individuals and communities we support. Our new name reflects our dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and the pursuit of making rehabilitation accessible and affordable for every amputee in sub-Saharan Africa.

We have seen individuals regain their independence, return to work, and contribute to their communities with confidence and pride

As we embrace this new chapter, our mission remains steadfast. Our vision of a world where every amputee has the chance to live a fulfilling life is clearer than ever.

Thank you for standing with us. Your support, generosity, and belief in our cause have been the backbone of the impact we have made so far.”

(Tom Williams, Founder)

We send our congratulations to STAND on this exciting new identity, which so perfectly reflects their determination to change the lives of as many amputees as they can in sub-Saharan Africa. They have done so much already and the energy created by this reinforcement of their evolving mission ensures that they will go from strength to strength. Their success, crafted from conviction and sheer determination couldn’t be more deserved. We feel privileged to have witnessed the inspiring journey of the charity from Legs4Africa to STAND: We Walk Together.

Please click on the link at the bottom of this post, or the image below to see a very inspiring video, “WE ARE STAND” by Tom Williams, Founder of Legs4Africa, which explains the drive behind the evolution of the charity.

You will also be able to learn more about Tom and to read recent news and developments.


STAND: We Walk Together

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Zara’s trike seat team honoured

Fantastic news! Zara’s trike seat team honoured at an exhibition on inclusive design in Zurich.

The Museum fur Gestaltung is the most prestigious design museum in Switzerland. It will be exhibiting Zara’s trike seat, which you can read about by following the link at the bottom of this page, in the exhibition to celebrate designs that benefit inclusivity which starts at the end of this month.

Apparently the museum contacted Fixperts (see link below) for ideas and Daniel had put the team and their invention forward.

This is such good news and well deserved validation for an idea that eventually became a reality due to sheer persistence and a refusal to be beaten!

Story recap

In early March, David Bickers was introduced by Kiera Roche, founder of LimbPower, to Anna Eerdmans. Anna was one of a team of 2 Product Design students at Ravensbourne University who had been asked to design a suitable bike seat for hind and right leg amputee, Zara, so that she could resume cycling around Brighton following her amputation. It was hoped that DBF could offer support to the project through the Bader Grants Scheme. We were delighted to get involved with what promised to be a fascinating and challenging project with Anna and Chi, a talented pair of designers, determined that they wouldn’t give up until Zara was back in the saddle, pedalling around her home town safely and comfortably. (DBF Website – 17/01/24)

We were delighted to support the team with a Bader Grant and the rest is history!

It’s so gratifying to see that sheer ingenuity, perseverance and the desire to support inclusivity can work together to create such a successful end product. One that did indeed put Zara back in the saddle able to enjoy her cycling and the freedom it offers her again! You can see this great moment at the end of the heartwarming video, Zara’s Trike Journey, below.

Anna contacted us this morning to inform us that she had received an invitation to the opening night of the exhibition, which will take place in the evening of the 30th May.

We couldn’t be more delighted to see Zara’s trike seat team honoured and are so proud to have been a small part of this successful and very rewarding collaborative venture.

Huge congratulations to Anna, Chi and, of course, Zara, without whose input the trike seat would never have come into existence!

Zara's trike seat team honour

Zara's trike seat team honour


Zara's trike seat team honour


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Update from a ’22 Alumnus Grant Recipient

Lovely surprise update from a ’22 Alumnus Grant Recipient!

Update from a '22 Alumnus Grant Recipient

Kirstie McPherson, who successfully applied to the Bader Grant Scheme to help with purchasing a battery for her wheelchair contacted us to say what a difference this had made to her life.
Kirstie who is a para dressage and endurance rider, is an inspiration and sums up what the grant scheme is all about. Despite her own physical challenges, she is attempting to raise funds for the Air Ambulance, which has come to the rescue of her friend, also a para rider, more than once. To do this she is undertaking a sponsored swim. When you read her story below, you’ll realise quite what an incredible achievement this would be and if you visit Kirstie’s blog via the link below this post, you will learn how much of a physical challenge this sponsored swim will present.

Update from a ’22 Alumnus Grant Recipient – Para equestrian Kirstie McPherson

I would like to thank you all for the gift of a new wheelchair battery a year ago. It gave me the means to get out and about after major surgery. I’m a para rider but have been unable to ride due to surgery this year so far, my mare has just had her foal and am bringing my other mare back into work so we can continue raising money for the air ambulance trust. It’s also enabled me to get back in the pool so I can do a sponsored swim. Just a couple of months ago I was only able to swim with a pool noodle. Next month I’m swimming a mile for the air ambulance. The battery has enabled me to continue pushing on after my body has taken a hit physically and I need my chair to get around. I’m hoping to get back between the white boards later this year in para dressage and out on the endurance field as a para too. Thank you for all you do x.”
I may never run but when I ride my horse is my legs – Bader Grant Recipient Kirstie McPherson
Kirstie’s sponsored swim will take place on the 14th June, when she will swim a mile to raise funds for the Cornish Air Ambulance. If you’d like to sponsor her on this brave challenge for such a good cause, please follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Raising funds for the Cornwall Air Ambulance +

“The air ambulance has saved one of my closest friends more than once. She’s a para rider but now sadly may not ride again. In Cornwall our air ambulance is funded solely by donations which is why I love raising money for them. We did a sponsored ride across Dartmoor a few years ago on a horse I had to break. I did a ride before that to raise money for a defribrillator for our local riding centre and after that a second ride for the air ambulance. Am hoping if I can get going again with my beautiful giraffe Mimi we can do our next moorland challenge in September. But we didn’t want to hang around so did the swim challenge. I have a blog. The wonky zebra, beautiful giraffe and pony pals where I do all my fundraising and educate people on disability, ehlers danlos and living your best life. And have written a book for children which once can get it printed I hope to go into schools to educate young children on disability, the loneliness to the disabled person and how they can be included and how as a disabled person you can find ways to fulfill your dreams. I may never run but when I ride my horse is my legs. My wheelchair will be a major help with achieving my mission to working with schools.”
Update from a '22 Alumnus Grant Recipient
Kirstie’s beautiful photograph of her mare, Connie, with newborn foal
I decided as at that point I couldn’t get on a horse for a while so I would train for a sponsored swim.
The above statement perfectly sums up Kirstie’s fighting spirit!

Kirstie in her own words

“I’m Kirstie I’m a grade 2 para dressage rider and a para endurance rider. I have ehlers danlos, dystonia, hip dysplasia, bulging discs in my lower spine, Hoshimotos and suffer hemiplegic migraine. The combination of my medical diagnosis means my mobility can range from wobbling around holding furniture on a good day to being blind or paralysed. My disability means that I have had many operations and still have more to go. Which means more time in the wheelchair for recovery. At a time of need when my leg literally fell off. Full dislocation to my hip when stood talking to someone, and as I fell to the ground my leg swung backwards. I was super lucky to be helped by a number of military charities to buy an all terrain chair. A fantastic bit of kit but it’s maintenance and batteries don’t come cheap sadly. In 2022 I approached the Douglas bader foundation to ask if they could help me fund a new battery for my wheelchair. My wheelchair isn’t just s means to get me from a to b but it’s central to me enjoying family time with my kids , doing activities I once took for granted that I could easily do. Now only possible with the chair. It’s enabled me to compete in para dressage and endurance and to train and complete charity rides to raise money for the Cornwall air ambulance trust. Following surgery in November my chair was my only form of getting around for some time. I decided as at that point I couldn’t get on a horse for s while so I would train for a sponsored swim. I went from swimming with a pool noodle a  few months ago to building up lengths so we can swim a mile on 14th June for the Cornwall air ambulance trust. My wheelchair has been amazing for after my swims as I push my body beyond what it can deal with so walking is often tough if I can even stand when I leave the pool. Being helped by amazing charities didn’t just help me physically but mentally as well. It changed my view of my disability. I knew that things weren’t going to be the same after my accident but how I viewed what I could do changed. I decided one thing I could do with my disability was to do challenges for charities and I also wrote a children’s book to help educate young children on disabilities it’s awaiting final touches before it goes to print . Being showed compassion at s time of real need changed my focus on what I thought was important in life and I realised that helping others made me feel I had a purpose. I can not thank the Douglas bader foundation enough for the help they gave me to keep me mobile and keep me pushing on with all aspects of my life. Their help means so much to many. X”
I feel very lucky to be part of the para community. It’s led me to amazing sports and met amazing people. I wish more disciplines would take a look at the para community and see where they are going wrong with their competitiveness
It was wonderful to receive this update from a ’22 Alumnus Grant Recipient. We are so proud to have been able to help this extraordinarily courageous woman on her journey and to learn of the all she has done to help other people living with disabilities. When so many of us complain of trivial things and procrastinate, it can be a very valuable kick up the backside to hear of someone not only facing their challenges head on but facing them in order to benefit others.  One large order of humble pie, please…
Thank you, Kirstie, for your kind words about the Foundation. and for all you do for others – you are an inspiration and an example to us all. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you on the 14th June. Please let us know how you get on. And, please, anyone reading this, support this heroic challenge for a very worthy cause…

Update from a '22 Alumnus Grant Recipient

The Cornwall Air Ambulance

We provide critical care to seriously sick and injured people across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Responding to over 1,000 missions annually, our crew is here at a critical time when every second matters. Operating with no direct government support towards running costs, we rely on the generosity of people like you to keep us flying 365 days a year.

Taking to the skies in 1987, Cornwall Air Ambulance was the very first air ambulance in the UK. We have since completed more than 32,000 missions, with that number increasing every day. Given the county’s isolated beaches, rural settlements and challenging road networks, our service is vital to the residents that live here and the tourists that visit Cornwall.

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Last post from Legs4Africa

This will probably be the last post I write from Legs4Africa. I write that with a heavy heart… but also huge excitement as future posts will come from STAND “We Walk Together” as Legs4Africa will become know from the end of May!

Legs4Africa has achieved a phenomenal amount since its inception and felt that it was time for a change to reflect the evolution of its journey. When we first came across it, the charity was tackling the ridiculous situation regarding obsolete prosthetics. At that time £1000s worth of  perfectly good – sometimes brand new – prosthetics were being sent to landfill, despite wishes of the owners that they be passed on for the benefit of other amputees. That Legs4Africa succeeded in that where others had failed was an achievement in itself, but their intention to use those prosthetics to help amputees in sub-Saharan Africa, where having a disability of any kind could result in ostracism and shame, was ground-breaking. Since then, they have collected thousands of prosthetic legs and components of lower limb prostheses, honed their system of collection and delivery and changed the lives of hundreds of amputees in sub-Saharan Africa. Recently they’ve expanded their area, opening up new clinics enabling them to reach more amputees across the region and now into Western Africa with a presence in the Gambia as well. These developments seemed to require a refreshed identity as Tom Williams OBE, Founder of Legs4Africa, explains below.

We’re on the brink of something monumental Tom Williams OBE, Founder of Legs4Africa

After a long period of soul searching, deep reflection and listening, Legs4Africa’s new incarnation and its ongoing direction have been decided. As Tom says

This facelift is a testament to our journey, our learnings, and the powerful conversations that have shaped us

What a whirlwind of a journey it’s been! As I’ve hinted in previous months, we’re on the brink of something monumental. Today, I am thrilled to share the essence of our collective motivation and the exciting trajectory we’re embarking upon in the coming months. 

A brand new chapter: From Legs4Africa to STAND

Yes, you read that right! From the end of May, we will proudly refer to ourselves as STAND – with the tagline “We Walk Together.” This facelift is a testament to our journey, our learnings, and the powerful conversations that have shaped us.

The decision to rebrand comes after deep reflection and listening. We’ve realised that while Legs4Africa resonated with many, it also brought its share of confusion and misinterpretations. Our aim? To eliminate ambiguity and align closer with our mission – supporting mobility and independence, with a commitment to unity, respect and collective progress.

Why the change, you ask? Because words have power. They shape perceptions, foster connections, and build the foundations of our community. “STAND” reflects our core belief in standing together, in solidarity with our global partners, to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. It’s about embracing every step of the journey with courage, support, and a spirit of togetherness. “We Walk Together,” encapsulates our collective mission that no one gets left behind.”

(Tom Williams OBE)

Legs4Africa has always appeared to be one of the most cohesive charity teams you could come across. In the most recent update, Tom shared that

Unlike a cat on its ninth life, our enthusiasm for in-person meetings hasn’t died—quite the opposite, actually

At their latest annual general meeting, they not only dived into the depths of the organisations’s soul, but organised a workshop led by counsellor Malachy Dunne (link below) on vulnerability and trust. Apparently the experience fortified the team’s already strong bond and gave invaluable insights into the power of openness and genuine connections. I think this close teamwork has played a big part in making Legs4Africa such an effective and pro-active organisation.

As you read this last post from Legs4Africa on the DBF Website, please join us in sending huge congratulations to the charity for all it has achieved. Goodbye Legs4Africa and go well STAND! May you all Walk Together into an even brighter future.

We’ll keep you updated with progress at this very exciting time!

Last post from Legs4Africa

The Legs4Africa / STAND team. From left to right: Chris, Matt, Promise, Tom (and Bertie), Sue, Stef, Anna & Phil

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Photo Update from Richard Neumann

I was delighted to receive a lovely photo update from Richard Neumann, showing his beautiful horses looking fit, content and ready for action!

Para dressage rider, Richard, has been doing incredibly well since he first approached us for a Bader Grant. He has worked extremely hard on his core strength and practised tirelessly on horseback to overcome the physical issues he was left with following the rugby accident that resulted in him using a wheelchair. For someone who had been told it was likely he’d never walk again following a rugby injury to be riding competitively in such a short time is an incredible achievement and takes huge commitment and determination.

Initially competing on his lovely horse, Otto, who sadly had to be retired and eventually put to sleep when he failed to recover from a painful leg injury, Richard climbed slowly but steadily up the rankings. Since then, partnering the flaxen-maned Smartie, he has improved further and has been registered to compete at Grade V Para Dressage in the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) rankings. Para-Equestrian Dressage is the only Equestrian discipline included in the Paralympic Games and you can learn more about it by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Richard is fortunate also to have a very talented – and rather mischievous looking! – youngster called Kisper. Kisper is coming on really well and showing great potential for the future, while his first competition horse, a lovely grey gelding called Echo seen in the featured image, is now enjoying a peaceful retirement. (I imagine he’s also probably sending a few words of wisdom and experience Kisper’s way!)

As you’ll be able to tell from this photo update from Richard Neumann, the love he has for all his horses is a joy to see and his empathy and strong bond with them enables the great teamwork that is producing such good results. He has gained hugely in confidence and skill. You can see from previous posts on the DBF website how hard Richard is prepared to work at his physical training to achieve his dream of successfully representing his country at his chosen sport. Having competed at boxing before playing competitive rugby, Richard is used to hard work and overcoming challenges and this will undoubtedly stand him in good stead in his determination to reach the top.

You can see previous posts about Richard and his 4-legged team by checking out the post at the bottom of this page.


Photo Update from Richard Neumann
Richard with talented youngster, Kisper


Photo Update from Richard Neumann
Richard’s competition horse, Smartie

Check out the heartwarming video below of Richard communing with Kisper who is clearly more than happy!

And Smartie’s turn…

All at DBF wish Richard and his team the best of luck and success throughout this year’s competitions and the future. We are sure he’s got the ability to go to the top!

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