BADER BRAVES – 2013 Flying Days off to a great start at Ulster

The first BADER BRAVES Young Aviators Day of 2013 took place at Ulster Airfield on Bank Holiday Saturday, 4th May. As you’ll read from Keith Delderfield’s report below, we couldn’t have had a better start to the 2013 Programme.

There are more photographs to follow, so please keep checking in.


Bader Braves Young Aviators off to a

Flier in 2013 at The Ulster Flying Club.

Twenty-six young Bader Braves and their families gathered on a bright morning last Saturday (4th May) at The Ulster Flying Club for the first Bader Braves Young Aviators Day of the 2013 season. This was the second time that the club had provided the venue for this event and just as previously, everyone at the club pulled out all of the stops to ensure that it was yet another brilliant and unforgettable day.

In an attempt to minimise any lengthy waiting for flights, the day was split into morning and afternoon sessions. During the lunchtime break some of the club members and their families provided a fantastic, seemingly endless, BBQ; Keith, Director of The DBF and organiser of the day, expressed concern after having seen just how much tucker a Brave could put away, that aircraft in the afternoon session may fail to get airborne!!! (They all did of course!)

A range of aircraft, including a Robinson R44 helicopter loaned by Aero-Heli, a commercial enterprise based at the venue, were generously made available by the flying club and some of their members. During the day Alderman Hamilton Gregory, Mayor of Newtownards (kneeling 3rd from right)and MP for Strangford, Mr Jim Shannon (standing 2nd from right) paid the event a visit and spent time chatting to the Bader Braves, their families and some of the volunteers.


“Photo courtesy of Newtownards Chronicle”

Despite the wind picking up during the afternoon and conditions becoming quite “exciting” for a while, everyone had a great time and by the time the day eventually drew to a close all had smiles on their faces and the clubhouse was echoing to cheers and comments from the Young Aviators ranging from fantastic, awesome, great to when is the next Bader Braves Young Aviators Day here?? Well it’s the 7th September of course!!

None of our events would happen if it were not for the enthusiasm and support of the host clubs involved; this time we are indebted to Barry Wallace and his team at The Ulster Flying Club along with the committee, members and all the staff each of whom gave up so much effort and time to make sure our Ulster event was such a great day – THANK YOU UFC!!

NB More photos to follow!!!


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    May 9, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    They look happy but cold lets hope they enjoyed it xx

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