Bader Braves Flying Day at White Waltham – A Personal View by Jessica Soanes

Following the excellent Bader Braves Young Aviators Day hosted by the West London Aero Club at White Waltham, we received the following wonderful accolade from Jessica Soanes, aged 11.

We think that Jessica speaks very eloquently for many who may spend most of their time in a wheelchair or are otherwise physically restricted, about the experience of flight in a light aircraft.

We are hoping to expand our Young Aviators Days programme next year. We feel strongly that Sir Douglas would have  approved of the scheme wholeheartedly and I hope that Jessica’s testimony may encourage other children and their families to take part. I think the photograph pretty much speaks for itself!


My day flying at White Waltham with the Douglas Bader foundation

I had been waiting for days for the day to come that I would be going flying.  The time had arrived and I was very excited.  We walked through gate and everyone came and greeted us everyone was very friendly and kind.  I was excited at the feeling that I would be looking down on everyone for a change because I am always looked down on in my wheelchair, I just loved the feeling of flying .We joined the queue of people waiting to have the chance of flying. A short time later we were at the front of the queue a kind looking face came over to us, he was the pilot we would be flying with. We went over to the aeroplane and my mum lifted me inside. We put on our ear muffs waiting to take off. A second later we were taxing around building up speed to take off. Then we were up in the air. The feeling of flying was absolutely amazing. We went all the way to Reading and saw the Madejski Stadium, we also flew over our house. The landing was bumpy but I liked it. We had a tasty lunch and I had my face painted as a butterfly.

Jessica article image-1

I had a nice day and hope I will be able to have a turn next year. Thank You!

Jessica Soanes

Age 11


We are very grateful to Jessica for taking the time and trouble to write her article and very much hope to see her and her family again next year. Thank you for your support, Jessica.

You can read about the day and see more pictures, including Jessica chatting to Lady Bader, by following the link to the White Waltham Post.

General information about the Flying Days will be found on the dedicated Bader Braves Flying Days Page.

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