Fantastic Fun at Braves Kielder Adventure Weekend 10th-12th June 2011.

Here is a report from Keith Delderfield, the DBF Director of Operations, who was at Kielder with the Bader Braves for the Calvert Trust Adventure Weekend. It certainly sounds as though all had a wonderful time and we hope that reading this and seeing some of the photographs and the video will inspire others to go next year.

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AT AROUND 4.00pm on Friday 10th June ten Bader Braves, their families and two million midges arrived for the very first Braves Adventure Weekend. Thankfully the midges must have been left overs from the previous week as very few were still around on Saturday and the rain throughout Saturday must have sent them searching for a sunnier venue as they were conspicuous by their absence on Sunday; either that or our Braves had seen them off!!

Once everyone had settled into their rooms and had dinner on Friday evening our group leader, Martin, outlined what was on offer for Saturday and Sunday and arranged for loads of different activities for the evenings when the swimming pool, sports hall and even Bingo provided loads of laughter for our group of forty jolly souls. For our activities on Saturday and Sunday we were split into three groups, each group rotating every half day session to enjoy canoeing, The King Swing, Zipwire and climbing wall.

Our instructors took time and care to help and install us into the various pieces of safety equipment that our activities demanded; watching some of the mums and dads wrestle with Velcro, snap fastenings and zips was almost as much fun as the activities themselves!! Once all safely harnessed up the three groups set off in different directions to be instructed in their particular activity and then after about twenty minutes, no matter where you were around the site, the sound of laughter and cheering rolled along the valley and even two miles away at Kielder Water, the excited sounds and shouts from the canoe group echoed through the dense forest as you approached.

Fun on the Water

Even on Saturday afternoon when the rain was at its heaviest you had no trouble locating the canoe group on the water even if they were out of site; just listen and you could soon track them down. There must have been some pretty disappointed ornithologists at Kielder last weekend!!

Sunday morning dawned a much more pleasant day and more of the same until lunch time called an end to a great weekend. There was just time for a last meal together amongst new friends before it was the group photograph, the presentation of certificates to our ten new Bader Braves and time to bid each other farewell.

We are grateful to all of the parents, siblings and Braves that came along to make this such a special weekend and to all of the wonderful staff at Calvert Trust Kielder for their hard work and cheerful guidance.

Here’s to the next time!!

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Here are some more photographs. Below them you will find a link to a wonderful video filmed by our Chairman, David Bickers, who has clearly missed his vocation!

Please click HERE to see the Flip Video expertly filmed by David Bickers. Watch for him at the next Oscar Presentations….We hope that this will bring back happy memories for those of you who were there and inspire those who weren’t to have a go next year!

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