Hull Braves given a Special Day

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Friday 3rd June was the date that Bader Braves Young Aviators had their first visit to the home of the Hull Aero Club at Linley Hill Airfield near Beverley and a spectacularly successful day it proved to be too!!

Despite the threat of “unsettled” weather, mother nature thankfully looked kindly on us; everyone at the club Hull image 1rwere fully prepared as the first of the Braves arrived and after a quick briefing from Peter Spencer who had been the organiser of our visit and who flew his Cessna 172 tirelessly throughout the day, it was the customary “quick cuppa” and straight into the action. Once all passengers were strapped safely in it was a quick taxi out to the end of the grass strip, last minute checks, throttle open and away up into the June sky which, although not the clear blue sky we had hoped for, was not bad with high cloud over the airfield and very good visibility.

Whilst Peter was in the air with the first flight our next Brave was briefed and readied for their flight so that as Hull image 2lsoon as flight number had landed, taxied back to the clubhouse, disembarked its passengers and Peter had presented the Brave with his or her flight certificate, it was embarkation for flight number two and the whole procedure was repeated. For those Braves who lived within range Peter gave them the opportunity of seeing their home from the air; those from further afield had spectacular aerial views of the surrounding district although coastal low cloud meant that seaside trips were ill advised!!

Whilst all the flying was going on those of us back in mission control had a first-hand experience of the friendliness of the club where members shared duties and made sure that everything ran smoothly on the Hull image 3rground. Rodney seemed to be in command of air traffic control, possibly because he was one of the early ones on parade in the morning and the chair in the op’s area appeared to be the largest and most comfortable one around!! Paul was engaged in the galley providing everyone with tea or coffee on demand as well as preparing and cooking fresh food for all of our Braves. Other members were tidying up and one was working outside away in the distance chugging up and down the airfield on a tractor and mower; all very spic and span.

As things hotted up over the lunch period one of Peters colleagues, Ian, brought another 172 into operation Hull image 4lensuring that now backlog built up and that no one had a long wait. And so the day rolled along until around 16.00 the last flight appeared in the distance on its inward route. It was soon stationary in front of the club house and the last certificate had been presented. After much hand shaking and words of thanks from the Braves to our hosts of the day, the last family set off for home leaving a few of us to tidy up the essential admin duties whilst the members readied the clubhouse for its evening activities.

It had been a super day and one that I hope we will be able to repeat in 2017. As always we are indebted to our hosts; I am not sure that Peter and his colleagues had been aware of what they were taking on when they agreed to host one of our events but, whether they did or not, they provided everyone with a fantastic day and everything was presented in a super-efficient and more than friendly way. On behalf of all the Braves who took away some great memories from the unforgettable flight experience, it is a very big thank you to Hull Aero Club.

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