Perth Braves Beat the Weather.

Saturday 18th June, 07.30, Perth in the heartland of Scotland, weather – NOT GOOD!!

After a quick check with event co-ordinator, Iain Waghorn of The Scottish Aero Club a decision was made to delay the final decision as to whether or not our Young Aviators Day could go ahead until conditions were checked at Perth Airport around 09.30am – 09.30 arrived, the decision makers gathered, checked met forecasts, scratched heads, looked out of the windows towards the Highlands (presumably there somewhere but certainly not visible), shake of the head and “sorry Keith, no go!!”

However, all was not lost; the pilots were just as disappointed as the Bader Braves would be and very quickly and generously suggested that we try again the following day for which a much more promising forecast was in place. And so, after half hour of panic phone calls to all our participants the whole event was rescheduled to Sunday 19th with only two families unable to make the rearranged date!! Fast forward 24 hours ……………………..!

Sunday 19th June, 07.30, Perth in the heartland of Scotland, weather – YIPEE looking good. After a quick check with Iain and a series of phone calls to the Braves confirming that today was “on”, it was off to the Airport and the welcome sight of aircraft on the apron, sun in the sky, smiles on pilots’ faces and one of Dave Martins super bacon baps and a hot coffee ….. this was going to be a good day.

As sadly our numbers were slightly fewer it did give the pilots more time with the Braves each of whom was able to take an extended flight and given a chance to get a more in depth insight into being a pilot and the working and handling of a light aircraft. There was plenty of laughter, chatting eating of pic-nics and, thankfully, sunshine …. that is right up to the very last flight of the day when the clouds darkened and brows furrowed in the club house and, yes – you’ve guessed it, blib blob blib down it came again!

But no matter, for us the day had just drawn to a close and thanks to the tremendous enthusiasm, friendship and help of everyone at The Scottish Aero Club, particularly our owner pilots, Alex, Syd and Max, who had effectively given up two days for our Braves and made their aircraft available throughout, everyone set off towards home with a bundle of new experiences, huge smiles on their faces and memories of the warmth and kindness of everyone that made our Bader Braves Young Aviators Day at Perth so special.

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