Ulster Flying Day Postponed


We are sorry to inform all Braves hoping to attend the Young Aviators Day at Ulster on Saturday that we have been advised by the met office in Ulster that high winds and generally very unfavourable flying conditions have been forecast for the area on Saturday. As a result, with great regret, we have decided to postpone the event. We apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience caused by this decision but the safety of our Braves is paramount.

All is not lost thankfully as rapid negotiations between Keith Delderfield and our friends at the Ulster Flying Club have resulted in the rescheduling of the event for Saturday 5th September. We are very grateful to the Ulster Flying Club for offering us this alternative date in a busy schedule and do hope that all Braves who were going to attend the Flying Day on Saturday will be able to join us then.

The good news is that it will give Braves who hadn’t got their application in on time another chance! If this means you, please click HERE to go to the events page where you will find the Registration & Authorisation Form.

Please ignore any previous messages relating to this event.

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