URGENT! BADER BRAVES – Waddington Falls Victim to the Olympics!

Waddington Falls Victim to the Olympics!!

It is with more than a tinge of sadness that we have had to cancel our Bader Braves Young Aviators Day scheduled for 2nd June 2012 at RAF Waddington due to the stations commitment to the upcoming London Olympics.

Despite considerable efforts to find an alternative venue the time scales involved in relocating left no alternative other than to cancel the event. Keith Delderfield said “Up until yesterday (14th May) I was encouraged by the level of interest in helping us out by other flying clubs in the Lincoln area. Sadly however one faced similar difficulties as Waddington and others just couldn’t muster aircraft at such short notice so we were left with no choice. It is a great shame as quite a number of potential Braves are going to be disappointed this year; on the up side however, we have received a commitment from our friends at Waddington for 2013 along with a number of other offers of help with future events. Of course we have a number of other Young Aviators Days throughout the summer around the UK and every effort will be made to accommodate the disappointed youngsters from Waddington on any of the others”

* Please click on the Aeroplane to visit the Events Page where you will find the remaining Flying Days in the BADER BRAVES Young Aviators Programme. Clicking on one will bring up more information and contact details where you can reserve a place.

Hopefully there will be one accessible to you and we’ll  look forward to seeing you there *

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