Young Aviator Days

Bader Braves Young Aviator Days are an initiative of the Douglas Bader Foundation  (Charity Commission Registration Number: 800435)

Bader Braves Young Aviator Days

The hugely popular BADER BRAVES YOUNG AVIATORS DAYS are designed to give youngsters with limb impairment and other disabilities what is very often their first experience of flight in a light aircraft.

Just to see the expressions on the children’s faces is evidence enough of the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from this new experience and their pleasure also guarantees a happy day for the whole family.

It is often unusual for the child with a disability to feel ‘important’…

As one mother pointed out; it is often unusual for the child with a disability to feel “important”, particularly to their able-bodied siblings. We try, when possible, to ensure that siblings get the opportunity to fly after all the BRAVES have flown so, at these events when their involvement is instrumental in brothers and sisters also having this exciting opportunity, BRAVES are definitely “key”. The DBF has always recognised the importance of family and the Young Aviators Days are very much family events; an opportunity to share a day out and often what is a brand new experience for all. 

There can also be terrific psychological significance in the very act of flying. For a child who spends most of his or her life in a wheelchair particularly, it is exhilarating to be higher than other people; to be able to look down on the  world from the intimate vantage point of a light aircraft is often an incredibly liberating experience for them.

One young flyer asked his pilot if he could learn to fly so that he could teach other people like him. A great accolade.

DB & plane


Our Bader Braves Young Aviators Days programme sees 10 days rolled out across the UK. A brand new venue at Sandown on the Isle of Wight has joined our old favourites.

As always, these days are completely free for our Braves and, as usual, lunches will be provided – either packed lunches by the DBF, refreshments provided by some participating airfields or, at one event, a very popular, fight-for-the-last-sausage barbecue!

As well as the Young Aviators Days, there are other treats in store for our Braves with the season kicking off with Go-Karting, our second visit to Stockwell, and our very first Bader Braves Sailing Day. We also have 2 other events in the pipeline for later in the year (details to be announced) making this a very busy year for our Braves.

You can access Keith Delderfield’s great reports on the various Young Aviators Days on the News Page in the Bader Braves section of the Website. Click on the link to fly there – the Page will open in a new tab!

You can register for all these events using the easy online forms which will be found with each individual listing in the Bader Braves Events section of the Website.

As always, the Douglas Bader Foundation is extremely grateful to all involved with the Bader Braves Young Aviators Days. Without the generosity and enthusiasm of the airfields, flying clubs, pilots and helpers who all give so willingly of their time and energy, these wonderful and literally uplifting events simply wouldn’t be possible.

If you’d like more information about the Young Aviators Days, please email Keith Delderfield or telephone him on his mobile: 07831 596015