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Join the BADER BRAVES Tribe!!

Calling all BADER BRAVES!

These pages are for you and your families. Please use them to contact us or each other.

For example, you can:

  • Send in photographs and view other Braves’ pictures in the Gallery
  • Organise your own fund-raising events to support other current or would-be Braves
  • Let us know of Events or Challenges you’d like to see included in the programme
  • Tell your friends about BADER BRAVES
  • Just keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on


The already popular Douglas Bader Flying Days were incorporated into our Bader Braves Initiative ten years ago and each year since then we have increased the programme to cover more areas of the British Isles and enable us to include new Braves. We are always looking to enlist the support of more airfields so that we can add locations across the UK.


The BADER BRAVES was founded with Douglas Bader’s and the courage of the Kainai Indians, who awarded him with an honorary chieftainship to acknowledge his indomitable spirit, in mind and the Young Aviators Days and the Events and Challenges we offer are intended to be inspirational and encouraging in nature. Sir Douglas’s philosophy was always: “It’s what you can do that counts”, and we hope that Braves will leave our events with increased confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.

We are always adding to the BADER BRAVES Events and Challenges so please keep checking in. We also welcome ideas so please contact us if you know of an event taking place that other BRAVES would enjoy, or a location that would make a good BADER BRAVES venue for future meetings.

We love to have your input so do please get back to us with feedback and photographs after an event so that we can share these with other BRAVES and, hopefully, encourage more youngsters to join the BADER BRAVES tribe!

Individual Events:

If you’d like to run an Event of your own, we’re always happy to offer help and advice and possibly supply extras such as T-shirts; wristbands etc.. 

For more information, please contact:

David Bickers (Chief Executive Officer)
The Douglas Bader Foundation Administration Office: 14 Raynham Road, London, W6 0HY
Tel.: 020 8748 8884
Mob.: 07836 552536