Grant Recipients

Since the implementation of the Bader Grant initiative, the Douglas Bader Foundation has supported numerous individuals and groups in pursuance of a diverse range of goals, challenges and events. 

We have very recently introduced a new feature to the Website, the Bader Grant Recipient of the Month to include the Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month. We hope that this feature will enable supporters to see the diversity of applicants and to appreciate the individual challenges that these applicants face as they strive to reach their goals. Also that encouraged by those achievements, they will think about applying for a Bader Grant themselves to help them to follow their own dreams.

Bader Grant Recipients of the Month:

Kim Jaeger

Our current Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month is Kim Jaeger, a through-knee amputee who is pursuing her dream of obtaining her Private Pilots License. As well as receiving a Bader Grant, Kim, like many of our applicants, has been undertaking her own fund-raising and, having passed all 9 of her ground theory exams and with over 12 hours flying hours under her belt is now putting in the Flying Hours she needs to enable her to take her PPL exam.

The DBF is working in conjunction with FITA (Freedom in the Air) to help Kim to achieve her dream.

You can read about Kim’s pursuit of her goal through a series of blogs and news posts that can be found in the Bader Grants News Section.  

Mari Durward-Akhurst

Our first Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, who also received a Lady Bader Grant, is Mari Akhurst, a hugely promising Grade 1 (new grades for 2017) Para Dressage Rider, whose ambition is to represent Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Mari has cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs and has left her weaker down her left side. As a result of her CP her coordination, balance and muscle tone are all affected.   She currently competes in Para Dressage at National and International level.

Mari’s grant helps to support her with regular strength and conditioning sessions which will aid her development as an elite athlete. 

You can read about Mari’s journey with her beautiful 4-legged team, Sky and Bear, through her blogs and news posts in the Bader Grants News Section

Recent individual Bader Grant Applications:

  • Molly Bowen-Morris – 17 years old born with Upper Limb Deficiency- Para Dressage rider seeking financial support to her goal of being selected for a World Class Squad with the opportunity to compete internationally for GB. Previously spotted by British Equestrian Dressage, and Jaguar Land Rover Academy of Sport for 2014/15.
  • Isabella Walsh – 21 years old, born with missing left hand. A new member of British Paraclimbing Team, Joint British Champion alongside current GB Team Captain. Help to costs of International competing.
  • Syeda Mannan – a 21 year old girl who fell ill with neutropenic septic shock and organ failure, which resulted in her being in a coma and needing ECHMO treatment that caused the loss of her lower limbs above the knee and all of her fingers. Syeda’s goal was to return to university to complete her Law Degree.

Recent Sports Related Bader Grant Applications:

Matthew Phillips (featured sports related grant)

At 16 years old, with a congenital right below-elbow amputation, Matthew Phillips is one of the World’s best Paraclimbers in his category (Upper Arm Amputation). As well as getting to this level in just over 3 short years, paraclimbing has also changed his life. Once a shy and not very sociable young teen he has become a confident, social young man with a large group of friends from all over the world. This change has largely been down to the climbing community.

Matthew is currently competing in the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) Paraclimbing Series, which is the event from which the GB Paraclimbing Team is selected after the final round in December. Those lucky enough to be invited on to the GB Team will present their country at international competitions. With climbing included for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the sport is going from strength to strength. Matthew’s grant is helping him towards the achievement of his goal to which end he’s now hoping to construct a climbing wall at his home to enable him to train more regularly. That’s dedication!

  • Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative – offers several sessions for Amputees including Gym giving users confidence and social interaction plus exercise and fitness. Funded by Joint Health Unit for ten years but lost funding due to cuts.
  • Dizzy Divers – Created to help Disabled and Disadvantaged who wish to learn Scuba Diving. Obvious benefits from the exercise, plus physical and mental benefits. Grant for specialist equipment and funding for 3 children.
  • Triathlon Ireland – Assistance with training athletes and getting competitors on the start line for Rio and the Worlds.
  • Limbless Support N.I. – Assistance with funding  a day-out for LSNI at Castlewellan Forest Park, co. Down. The project was for a half-day archery session for as many members as who care to attend.
  • The 2016 Junior LimbPower Games – Regular support assisting LimbPower with the Annual Amputee Games at Stoke Mandeville.
  • Arctic One – will help able bodied and disabled people to “Get Involved” in Sport in addition to helping to fight cancer through sport. Support for the Arctic One Junior Para Triathlon 2016

Entertainment Grants/Smile Grants:

  • Nils Bergstrand – 41 years old right leg above the knee amputee. Musical Theatre Artist. Grant to take his one man show “The One Legged Man Show” to Edinburgh Festival.
  • OHMI (One-handed Musical Instrument) – Support for workshops with HemiHelp and Reach enabling individuals and groups with upper limb disabilities throughout the UK to achieve full access to music-making whether as a hobby or a career.  Provision of equipment, training and other practical support. Support towards music lessons for individual child.

As you can see, we receive a hugely diverse range of Grant applications and this is a small selection of people and organisations recently helped by a Bader Grant. Keep checking in for updates and news of others. 

Keep in touch:

We are always delighted to receive updates from our Bader Grant Recipients. Do please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.