2 Great Opportunities: Learn to Run and Talent Spotting

We’ve heard from Kiera Roche from LimbPower about the 2 following exciting opportunities.

Learn to Run Workshops are free running clinics where leg amputees can learn about running along with relevant information, and Talent Intro, is where those of  you who can already run might be spotted as  Paralympians of the future…

As Kiera says: “Not all amputees can be Paralympians, but all amputees would love to be able to run, even if it’s just to play with the grandchildren, to overcome the fear of needing to move quickly in an emergency or to participate in sport. Our plan is to help any amputee or individual with limb difference who would like to run.”

Please see below for contact and Website details and don’t forget to put the dates in your diary and to let other people know about these events.

LimbPower working with UK Athletics to spot Amputee Running Talent for Rio 2016

LimbPower have teamed up with UK Athletics and England Athletics to help them to find talented track athletes of the future, with an eye to continuing to build on the Paralympic success forged in London.

As a part of the Talent Intro days that UK Athletics are running across the country, LimbPower are offering ‘Learn to Run’ clinics for amputees who have been inspired by the like of Johnnie Peacock and want to give it a go for themselves.

The free clinics will offer practical and theory workshops for coaches and leg amputees including information on how to start running, prosthetics, stump care, funding and coaching. The clinics are open to all amputees aged 11+, whether they are completely new to running, or are already regular runners but are looking to experience the world of competitive athletics.

The “Learn to Run’ clinics will be held at four of the Talent Intro days, the first being in Sheffield on 28th October, followed by Manchester on 13th January, Loughborough on 10th February and Chelmsford on 9th March.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make it all the way to Rio in 2016, or if you’d just like to learn a little more about running techniques and see how it feels for yourself then contact Kiera@limbpower.com for further details of how to register.


For those (few!) of you who may not have heard of LimbPower:

The British Ambulant Disabled Sports and Arts Foundation was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and improving quality of life through the medium of sports and arts.

LimbPower also run The Amputee Games, launched in 2008 and now a much anticipated annual event introducing primary amputees to a wide range of sports, helping many of them with their rehabilitation and leading to a long standing interest in sport, and for some even Paralympic-level success. The 2013 Amputee Games will be held on 18th/19th May at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

For more details visit www.limbpower.com

Clicking on the images above will enable you to download printable Flyers of the Events, which you can use to raise awareness of these great opportunities.

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