Call for People with Limb Loss to Take Part in New TV Series

We recently posted information from Hello Halo, an award winning TV production company, about a potential new series for BBC Three. Hello Halo are still keen to chat to people who might be interested… 

I appreciate that we receive quite a few requests of a similar nature but programmes done well and sensitively, featuring people living with limb loss or other disabilities, can raise awareness of both difficulties faced and challenges overcome in a way that can increase understanding and be helpful. The series aims to be a “warm and informative depiction of how people can collectively share their wisdom and confidence with those in need of a little support. In return, our audience will have a better understanding of what it is like to live with a challenging condition…

You’ve nothing to lose by checking this out or recommending it to other people who might be interested so if you’d like to find out more why not get in touch with Hello Halo for a chat with one of the team? They’re looking for people from all types of backgrounds across the UK and you wouldn’t need to have experience in front of the camera. There will be no pressure to take part but they are keen to chat to people with limb loss to increase their own understanding.

Inspired by real life support groups that encourage peer on peer motivation, our series will match people with supportive individuals who have the same condition.  They will spend a few days together learning about each other’s lives, coping strategies and hopefully,  just having a nice time socialising with their new found friends.

More from Hello Halo and contact details follow…


Are you living with limb loss? Do you know someone who has lost a limb?

Are you interested in meeting people across the UK who also live with limb loss? Would you like to share your mutual experiences, make new friends and learn about each other’s lives?

Award-winning TV production company Hello Halo are looking for contributors living with limb loss for an exciting new BBC Three series. 

If you have lost a limb (or know someone that has) and you are interested to learn more about the series, click call 0141 348 7787 or email  to have an informal, private chat with one of our team. 

Best wishes,

Hello Halo team

Please click on the Flyer to download a pdf version, it will open in a new tab

* Please click on the Flyer to download a pdf version, it will open in a new tab