6-legged “Lambo” doing well after amputation

A super lamb born with six legs on a farm at Aughagowla, Fahy, near Westport, has had two of them successfully amputated.┬áCastlebar veterinary surgeon George O’Malley confirmed to The Connaught Telegraph that ‘Lambo’, as he is nicknamed, is doing very well.

"Lambo" before the amputation

It was the first time Mr. O’Malley, who has been practicing for over 40 years, had witnessed a farm animal being born with six legs.

Similar defects in newly-born lambs were reported in Belgium and Turkey in recent years.

Mr. O’Malley stated he had previously attended calves born with two heads and animals born with a multiplicity of tails.

He said the amputation procedure was conducted when the animal was six weeks old.

He revealed: “I received a call from the farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, shortly after the lamb was born.
“It was an amazing sight. Thankfully the lamb grew stronger and it was not in any way life-threatening to remove the two legs, which were causing the animal some inconvenience.

“The amputation went very smoothly and there was no pain involved for the lamb who responded exceedingly well.
“Lambo is fit, perfectly healthy and can walk without any problems now. I am delighted about that and so is the lamb’s owner.”

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