Brilliant Sunshine Brings Broad Smiles to Kinloss.

After two weekends when the weather has left a little to be desired the Bader Braves Young Aviators at Kinloss were treated to a super day made all the better by clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

Once everyone had arrived and been taken through the safety briefing for the day the first treat was on hand in the shape of the Search and Rescue helicopter which arrived from RAF Lossiemouth, just a short hop in a helicopter to Kinloss. The crew were immediately on hand to show the Braves and their families around explaining what their work involved and the workings of the Sea King helicopter which despite now being some 33 years old, provided an essential safety service around the UK and beyond.

Throughout the two hours that the helicopter was with us members of The Moray Flying Club were taking our Young Aviators in turn on a super flight over the magnificent Moray coastline as far as Nairn before sweeping inland to avoid the airspace of Inverness Airport returning to Kinloss some 45 minutes later. Thanks to the weather, picnics could be taken outside where a bouncy castle was available for our group and the Fire and Rescue team arrived with one of the monster crash trucks, again explaining the workings of this hugely impressive piece of equipment; then when the explanations were over the Braves were allowed all over it, trying on breathing apparatus, sounding the sirens (must  have woken up everyone between Inverness and Aberdeen) and giving everyone an opportunity to have a go with one of the powerful hoses – great fun!!

But whilst all this was going on the flights continued throughout the afternoon until everyone had seen Kinloss from the air and sadly the day drew to a close. As always we are indebted to all those that work so hard in arranging these super days and giving so many Bader Braves and their families such a great day out and a wonderful experience. This time we send a very big thank you to everyone at The Moray Flying Club for their enormous generosity for providing aircraft and time for our special day and to those at RAF Kinloss who provided our picnics and “goody” bags and, in particular, to the pilots themselves and to Justin Nicholls who was responsible for making all the arrangements and marshalling everyone throughout the day.

As we are all aware the death knell has tolled for flying at RAF Kinloss; the mighty Nimrods have now all departed and all flying ceases at the end of July BUT we have our fingers crossed that somehow we may be able to go back just one more time in 2012, who knows what the future holds but for the last three years Kinloss has been a fantastic venue for Bader Braves Young Aviators, just be sure that as soon as we know early in the New Year it will be here on our website first so, as they say …… watch this space and once more THANK YOU KINLOSS!!!

We have been promised more photographs from the organisers soon and will add them to the Gallery as soon as they arrive. In the meantime you can see the first photographs here. (A word of advice – If you click on one of the pictures from the Gallery to see it more clearly, make sure to click on it again to go back to the Gallery. If you close it by clicking on the cross you will leave the Website! It’s one of the quirks of our system, I’m afraid…)

As always, we’d be delighted to hear stories and receive photographs from the BRAVES and their families and don’t forget you can contact new friends you made at the Event through the Bader Braves Forum. We’d love to hear from you anyway.

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