A Prosthetic Leg is available if somebody can make use of it

We have had a very kind offer from a supporter whose husband had to undergo an amputation and then, sadly, suffered a stroke before being able to make use of his prosthetic leg.

His widow is very kindly offering the leg to anyone who might benefit from it so, if you know of anyone, do please contact us and we will in turn contact her and put you in touch.

It is apparently a very nice piece of equipment and hardly used. The knee is an Otto Bock SAKL 3R40 and the foot is an Otto Bock Springlight Advantage Foot.

With good prosthetic limbs costing “an arm and a leg”(!), it seems a shame that the owner has been advised to take it to the dump. She would be delighted to know it would help someone.

We hope to hear from you.

Please contact: wendy.llic@gmail.com in the first instance

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