Alyssia Crook already shooting hoops in hospital less than a week after amputation

It didn’t take long for Alyssia Crook to return to the basketball court after having a portion of her left leg amputated last Thursday.

Less than 48 hours after her surgery, Alyssia found her way to the gymnasium within Chicago’s Shriners Children’s hospital so she could shoot some hoops.

This video was provided to WZZM from the Crook family, who will remain in Chicago with their daughter until later this week when they hope to return to their Allendale home.

Alyssia’s father, Chad Crook, passed a basketball to Alyssla while she glided on a wheelchair and took shots at a lowered basket.

“It just shows that this girl will never give up,” said Karen Crook, Alyssia’s mother.

Alyssia is scheduled to be fitted with a “K-Rod”, which is a preliminary prosthetic limb later this week. The Crooks says Alyssia won’t get her permanent prosthetic for about a month, once her left leg completely heals from the amputation.

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