Amputees are given a Wii helping hand

Published Date: 09 February 2010

A COMPUTER game is helping amputees to programme their recovery.

Two Nintendo Wii Fits have been donated to the amputee rehabilitation physiotherapy service at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, by the family of Garry Fraser who was killed in a road accident last year.

Mr Fraser was a keen supporter of the service and his bequest is now helping patients and staff.

Mairi Ross, a vascular physiotherapist for NHS Highland, said: ”

The Wii allows the user to take part in exercises and various types of games, allowing them to see how their body is moving.”

“The patient is able to stand on the balance board within the parallel bars and see when they are shifting their weight over their artificial limb.”

(Thanks to Steve McNeice for sending this article)

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