Appear on Channel 4 and Help to Raise Awareness of the Risks of Amputation from Diabetes

We’ve been contacted by Kate Drysdale who’s currently working on the second series of Channel 4’s “Embarrassing Fat Bodies”.

Given the recent press reports on the rising numbers of Diabetes Type 2 cases plus the further reports on diabetic amputation rates she’s keen to film an item with a patient who has diabetes and has had an amputation.  She’d like this to be an informative, educational item that can highlight the possible consequences of Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) and therefore will illustrate the importance of looking after yourself if you have diabetes, and be a warning to possible Type 2 developers to change their lifestyles.

The piece itself would be a short insert where you would be filmed at your  home, going about your every day life, in order to make a positive statement about how you cope daily as well as having a strong message.

This could be a great opportunity to bring awareness of Type 2 Diabetes, the importance of looking after yourself if you develop it – and we know it is on the increase – as well as the possible consequences if you don’t treat this condition seriously. If you’d like to apply or simply want more information, please contact Kate at the email address given in her brief. If preferred, you can also contact her by telephone on her private line: 0121 224 8422

Kate’s brief follows:


I am hoping to find someone with diabetes who has had an amputation as a result, willing to share their story.  With recent statistics on diabetic amputations in the news this is a very topical area and we need to reduce these statistics with thorough foot care and healthier lifestyles.

I work on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies and want to film a short piece at home with someone as a real insight in to coping with both diabetes and limb loss.  It would be a positive and educational item which I hope will encourage other diabetics to take care of themselves and those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to change their lifestyles.

I would film an interview with this person at home and then in addition a few scenes of them doing everyday things – going to work, with their family, etc. I also would like to film this in the next few weeks, so if you are interested please email me directly:


* If you do apply and are offered this opportunity, we’d love to hear how you get on so do keep us posted. *

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