An opportunity to sail during Cowes Week

Dear Disabled Sailor
I’m forwarding the message below just received from Sailability in case you are interested.
Happy sailing
David Harris
Gwennili Trust Admin

Opportunity to Race Artemis 20’s during Cowes Week.

A fleet of Artemis 20’s are available to Race during Cowes week on Wednesday 5th August. The boats will be in split mode with one seat fitted so that they will be racing with a disabled and an able person in each boat. There are a minimum of 6 new boats with a possible 2/4 more being available. The new fleet comes from the Artemis Even Keel project UK based at UKSA. If you are to secure a place to race on the Wednesday contact us now on 01243 784321 or email We ask that sailors have at least some experience as it can get very busy on the water.

For those with limited experience or none at all why not come to UKSA and use the Even Keel facilities and tuition for free during, before and after Cowes week. The service that the Artemis Even Keel Project provides is free to disabled and disadvantaged personnel. For more information visit

Kind regards

Connie Lebrun

Project Assistant – Sailability

t 023 8060 4247



Making disability plain sailing

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