Another Great TV Opportunity! Taxi of Mum & Dad

We’ve been contacted by Princess Productions, a TV company in London. The are responsible for Sunday Brunch and The Wright Stuff and produced The Superhumans Show, Life Stripped Bare and Stand Up to Cancer in 2016.

They are currently making a new primetime programme for Channel 4 Education called “Taxi of Mum & Dad” that looks at the joys and challenges of parenting teens in the family vehicle. (Filming will be done by a small car rig.)

They intend to film with at least ten families in April and would like to make the programme representative of all communities and inclusive of both able-bodied people and people living with disabilities. They got in touch with us as they would love to be contacted by families who have members with limb difference.

…there is one place where no-one can escape – and that is the family car.  Princess Productions

If you’d like to take part or to find out more information, please click on the link below.

Taxi of Mum & Dad is a one-hour programme for Channel 4 that uses mini cameras in the car to explore parenting in the family vehicle. At home parents have to compete with technology for their teens’ attention and rarely have the opportunity to catch up and connect as a family. But there is one place where no-one can escape – and that is the family car. Parents use the car as a way to catch up on what’s going on in their kids’ lives – to bond, to gossip, to dispense advice and to have a laugh. Taxi of Mum & Dad will explore the relationships between lots of different families as they drive to and from events, clubs and family visits – providing us with an insightful look into modern parenting and British family life. Princess Productions is keen to reflect different family lives across the UK. Please find below some more information and an application form at

Clicking on the Flyer will open it as a pdf, which can be printed and distributed, in a new tab.

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