A B/K Amputation – Hospital Diary Notes by Stewart

We were contacted by Stewart, who had recently undergone a below knee amputation. This wasn’t a decision he came to lightly, but after years of intense and unremitting pain caused by ulcers in his ankle and foot, numerous hospital stays and enforced weeks off work he, with the support and encouragement of his family and fiancĂ©e, decided enough was enough and to have the operation. 

Stewart has written a diary of the lead up to his amputation and thought it might be helpful to other people in the same situation and facing similar decisions to share it. It can be a very lonely time when you have to make choices that can be life-changing not just for you but for the people you love, and sometimes just knowing that other people have been there and you’re not alone can be reassuring. Encouraging too as here when all the agonising is done and the decision proves to have been worthwhile. In Stewart’s case, thankfully, his amputation has freed him from the relentless intense pain he’d suffered for so long and his aim now is to be walking unaided on his prosthetic foot by March next year. We wish him well and are sure that with his determination and the loving support of those close to him he will succeed.

They have got a guy coming in to see me tomorrow morning to talk to me about how he feels now about having his foot amputated, I still can’t believe this is re

Stewart has promised us a follow up report on life and treatment following the amputation and hopefully his experiences during this period may also be of help to others. Keep checking in for the update.

Our thanks to Stewart for his thoughtful contribution and our very best wishes for a speedy recovery and on his journey towards his first steps on his new prosthetic foot. 

Please click HERE to read Stewart’s personal diary of his experiences. The Diary will open in a separate tab as a pdf and can be downloaded and printed for those of you who prefer not to read on a screen. (This article will stay on the Personal Experiences page in the BILL section of the website.)