Call for people with prosthetics – Can you help Ellie?

We have received the following request from Ellie Hoskins. Please contact her via the email address below if you’d like to help her out.

My name is Ellie Hoskins, I am a third year documentary photography student studying at the University of Wales, Newport. For
my final year project I wanted to look into peoples life after injury and in particular their experience with using prosthetic
limbs. I am very interested in creating deeper awareness around people living with prosthetics and the support that they receive.
I have been working on this project for a few months and have created a set of images, however for the project to work I need to
have a range of people. I want to appeal to people would would be willing to be photographed to get in contact with me please.

In return I would be happy to give you full rights to the images. I really want to help to create awareness for the support given
to people living with prosthetics and I believe that with your help I can create a set of images that will help such a worthy cause.
I would be happy to discuss this further if you have any concerns.

I have previously worked with a charity that helps bereaved parents called SANDS and there are some examples of this project
and some of my other work on my website


Ellie Hoskins


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