Can you help Alex sail to his 2012 Gold Medal dream?

We have received the following request from Alex Hovden and would love to be able to help him find the female crew he needs to achieve his dream of a Sailing Gold Medal in the 2012 Paralympics.

You can find plenty of information about Alex from the links below.

Please contact him if you’d like to find out more about this great and challenging opportunity which could not only be the experience (and possibly achievement) of a lifetime but, as he says, could turn out to be a lot of fun too. He’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss his plans in more detail.

Even if the challenge is not for you, please help him out by downloading, printing and displaying the attached poster anywhere where it might attract the right kind of interest. You will find a link for the poster at the bottom of this article.

We reckon this kind of spirit and determination deserves to succeed and wish him and whoever joins him the very best of luck and success.


I’m writing to ask your help please.

I am a 17 year old disabled sailor and it is my ambition to compete in the 2012 Paralympic games in the sailing event.  I have a new Mark 2, Skud 18 and I need to find  a permanent female disabled crew.

Please see poster attachment – do you know where I can find an elusive female who has the upper body strength combined with motivation and committment for a challenge?

Ideally the lady should be fit and already into some sort of sport.  The lady who pesently crews for me is Val Millward, a very experienced sailor who lost a lower limb as a child.  Val has come out of SKUD retirement to help me at training and the classifying events and is very happy to impart her vast knowledge of sailing and SKUD crewing onto the right person.

I would be grateful if you could display the posters in appropriate places and send it on to anyone you think can help.

Thank you and best Wishes

Alex Hovden

Born to be different | Sailing to freedom

RYA Young Sailor of the Year 2009

Alex Hovden’s Paralympic sailing campaign is now underway! Over the next 2 years, his goal will be to be selected to represent Great Britain, in the London 2012 Paralympics, fulfilling the role of Helm in the Skud 18 Class.

To find out how you could get involved, please e-mail Alex on or visit

Please click HERE to download a poster which you can print and display for Alex

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