Death of David Cameron's father – a "hero" double amputee

Prime Minister David Cameron’s father died Wednesday shortly after the British leader joined other family members at his hospital bedside in Toulon, France. His father, Ian Cameron, 77, had suffered a stroke while on vacation. Mr. Cameron flew to France after learning of his father’s condition Wednesday morning. The trip caused him to cancel an appearance in Parliament, where he was expected to face questioning over the role of his communications director, Andy Coulson, in a cellphone hacking scandal. In a television interview this spring, Mr. Cameron said he had been inspired by his father, who, though born with a severe deformity in both legs that led eventually to their amputation, played competitive tennis as a youth and had a successful career as a stockbroker. “My father is a huge hero figure for me, because he’s an amazingly brave man,” Mr. Cameron said. “To have a disability in the 1930s and 1940s, a different age, was really tough, but he never let it affect him in any way.”

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