European Limb Loss Day announced and welcomed

The Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group ‘APLLG’ announces a European Limb Loss Day on the 3rd December 2011, this being held within the European Day of People with Disabilities in collaboration with the European Commission. The rights of persons who have lost limbs and the barriers that they face for instance in their personal mobility or dexterity in their access to employment and healthcare would be further embraced within a national launch and associated activities.

With increasing numbers of people being directly or indirectly affected by limbloss the opportunities to help, inform, support and promote are there.

  • Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley CBE MP says: “I welcome this excellent European wide Limb Loss initiative. Reaching out from our own strengths, I am confident that there will be increasing knowledge of needs, and beneficial sharing of the skills of the health professionals who do so much to keep people with limb loss mobile, dextrous and living as independently as possible.”

  • Minister for Europe David Lidington MP says: “The European Union is a partnership of 27 countries. We can all learn from and help and suppport each other. This welcome first European Limb Loss Day shows how we can share skills , innovations and ambitions for people of all ages with limb loss throughout the European Union and beyond.”

  • Dame Anne Begg MP, Secretary to the Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group says: “It is good to see how our All‐Party Group can nurture and reach out through this first‐time initiative. Patients, Carers and Professionals will be joining together to help ensure that throughout the European Union and beyond there is increased awarenes of the growing need to deliver (not just chat about) prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, and other assistive technologies, all essential to the well being and maximum possible independence and involvement of individuals of all ages with limb loss and other associated complex physical disabilities. National boundaries should become springboards to higher qualities of life.”

For more information, please click on the link:EUROPEAN LIMB LOSS DAY

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