Faith, the amputee pony, is home fit and well

Faith has come home……. Readers have become avid followers of Faith and have taken her in to their hearts as we have charted her progress in recent months, both the ups and downs, and on Friday Sue and Rod Weeding were on hand at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre to welcome her home.

Faith arrived at the Rescue Centre in Rojales in August last year with a severe injury to her lower right leg. Rope had become so tightly wrapped around her leg that it had cut off her blood supply and caused the flesh to fall away and die leaving an open wound in her leg revealing the bone.

Despite their vet, Dorothea’s best attempts, little progress was being made and Sue remembered the story of Molly the pony in America who had a similar injury to Faith’s and had undergone an amputation, a rare but successful procedure.

Sue then contacted Gasper Castelijns; the specialist equine vet in Barcelona who, after much research and debate decided he could do the amputation on Faith’s damaged leg. However, as Faith left for Barcelona, the team decided that new pioneering surgery that had been developed in recent years which effectively makes the bone rebuild itself could be tried on Faith.

The operation was considered a success but just weeks later Faith put too much weight on to her leg causing a fracture to the already weakened canon bone and despite the pioneering surgery Faith had to  have the originally planned surgical operation and amputation of her lower leg.

Sue said, “Everyone at the centre was devastated for Faith and very upset when Gasper, the head surgeon, rang to tell us what had happened. Even though Faith had originally gone to Barcelona to have her leg amputated it still came as a shock.”

This has been the first amputation carried out on a horse in Spain and as Faith settled in to life back at Easy Horse Care, Sue was overcome with delight at seeing the progress she has made. “The difference in this little horse is incredible. She is on no pain killers and is totally pain free and you can see it in her face, its wonderful.”

The Mayor of Rojales and members of the PP/GRIP government team were also present to welcome  the now famous resident back and were fascinated to hear her story and of the work Sue and her dedicated volunteers do at the Rescue Centre. Vet Dorothea was also on hand who Sue thanked for initially saving her life.

Supporter and fundrasier Georgie May said it was really emotional to see her return home, “The centre is such an inspirational place to be. Their work here is phenomenal and to see Faith, how she was and to see her now is amazing. She looks so happy now and is just so well.”

Being introduced to Cookie, Faith will be able to lead a completely normal life and will keep the artificial limb on for 22 hours a day. The one she was wearing was a travelling leg, being slightly longer than normal to take the weight off her leg and to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Rod, who went to Barcelona to bring Faith home said that she was already climbing up banks and hills getting grass and even the vets were amazed at how quickly she had got used to the limb.

Sue added, “The team in Barcelona have said that the amputation was the best solution for Faith even if the other operation had worked there could have been weaknesses and she now uses the leg as if she would a normal leg.

Faith’s Future

Faith now has a long and happy future ahead of her. In the short term she will be left to settle down and get in to routine whilst the team at the centre learn how to care for her properly but then they will  be taking more examples from Molly the pony in America who originally inspired the amputation. Molly has gone on to become a household name throughout the States and an icon to amputee victims.

She travels around children’s hospitals and visits patients having arms and legs amputated as well as soldiers. “It gives them hope.” says Sue, “and I feel Faith could do the same here in Spain.”

Around 8000€ has been needed to cover Faith’s veterinary costs and amazingly almost all of the funds have been raised with just 550€ is to go. “It is truly down to all the support from people who have made it possible and thank you very very much.”

For  more information email or call Sue on 652 021 980. You can also make a donation via their website

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