Great News! C-Leg 4 & Funding for Children Now Available on the NHS…

Wonderful news for amputees and those with limb  difference: NHS England has agreed to fund micro-processor knees (MPK’s) meaning C-Legs will now be available through the NHS.

And..From now until the end of March 2018, the Department of Health has dedicated £750,000 to fund activity and sport prostheses for children and young people under the age of 18.

Ottobock, whose C-Leg is the most used MPK in the world, has put together 2 brochures, which you will find below, to guide you through both of these very welcome new policies.

1. C-Leg Availability:

NHS England has made the decision to approve the funding of microprocessor controlled knees (MPKs) for those living with above knee, through knee and hip disarticulation amputations. The C-Leg 4 is a microprocessor-controlled knee joint. This means a small computer continually responds to how you are moving and supports you accordingly. 

In the following pages you will find information about MPKs, the NHS MPK policy, eligibility criteria, the funding process and an overview of the most popular MPK on the market – C-Leg 4. You will also find the latest clinical evidence surrounding C-Leg.

To find out more about the difference this innovative technology could make to your life and whether you might be eligible to get fitted with a C-Leg on the NHS, please click HERE or on the image above. 

2. Funding for Children:

The Department of Health has made the exciting decision to fund activity and sport limbs in England, for children who have suffered from limb loss or who were born with a limb deficiency.

Until now, there has been no dedicated funding available for children’s activity or sports prostheses. This decision allows amputee children, previously restricted to standard everyday prosthetic limbs, to become more active and involved in physical activity.

Ottobock has put together a comprehensive guide for parents:

Whether it’s to be involved in PE, participate in organised sports or just have fun with friends, our Ottobock experts are on hand to support parents through the entire application process. This parent’s guide was collated to help breakdown down the policy and assist you in finding the most suitable prosthesis for your child. Ottobock

Please click HERE or on the image above to access the guide.