Information request. Do you know this man?

We’ve been contacted by Anthony Michael (Mike) Stewart who is trying to find information about his father, Douglas Alexander (Doug) Stewart.

Mike, who was one of the children of Doug’s first family and who was born in Jersey, had lost touch with his father who left the family when Mike was 11 and his sister younger, eventually to raise a second family.

Mike, who lives abroad, had recently wanted to learn more about Doug and was due to meet up with him in May this year but, sadly, it was not to be as Doug died just before Christmas.

Mike spoke to several members of Doug’s second family and various friends at the funeral and has been able to piece together a few facts and stories about his father but is very keen to find as many missing pieces of the jigsaw of his father’s life as possible. It’s clearly quite a complex jigsaw as Doug was something of a free spirit who enjoyed travel and adventure throughout most of his life.

Sadly, Mike’s mother died several years ago and wasn’t able to shed much light other than suggesting that Doug had undergone a leg amputation as a result of an accident when he was riding an Army motorbike. Mike’s sister, who is younger than him, is equally in the dark.

I suggested putting a news post up on the Website as, following either the above accident or, according to another source, shrapnel damage after being blown up by a mine, Doug was a leg amputee and would probably have worn a prosthetic leg. As I wrote to Mike, the amputee community is a close and supportive one and it’s possible that he may have met or been in contact with other amputees. It’s also possible, of course, that people – fellow amputees, consultants, or staff – may know of him or remember him from his stay in hospital, rehabilitation or Amputee User Groups, though it’s not known which local groups he may have used.

A short biog and the 2 photographs Mike was able to get hold of follow. If you have any information at all that you think may be of use to Mike in his search, then please contact him ( or leave a comment under the News Post. He will be very grateful for any nuggets of knowledge, however small.


DOUG STEWART – 1922-2012

A man who lived life to the full!

Doug Stewart with son, Mike, pictured in Jersey where Mike was born. (1950/51 Jersey)

Douglas Alexander Stewart was born in 1922 in Devon.


It’s possible that Doug lied about his age so that he could join the army. He was in the Devon and Cornwall Light Infantry and was sent to Nigeria and North Africa. He could have been blown up by a mine during this service.


It was either as a result of damage caused by shrapnel following this incident or possibly an accident while riding an army motorbike that Doug had his leg amputated. It seems that he fought hard to save his leg and underwent about 22 operations before finally admitting defeat and having the amputation.


From his early days it seems that Doug was something of a free spirit and apparently spent time in Jamaica and the USA as well as Jersey and several different locations around the UK.


He was into flying and everything to do with aircraft. At one time, apparently, he lived in a small caravan on an airfield and did odd jobs to earn time in the air.

 Doug had two families. He left the first when Mike was 11 and his sister younger than that.


He died in London, aged 90, just before Christmas, 2012.

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