Key 103 targets new limbs for quadruple amputee Harley Slack (+ related article: Fellow meningitis amputee Helen Smith offers hope to Harley Slack)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Four year old Harvey Slack lost both arms and legs after contracting meningitis in a case that doctors said was the worst they had ever treated.

Now Key 103 is attempting to come to his aid and raise £60,000 through their Cash for Kids initiative to pay for a full set of prosthetic limbs – £40,000 for a pair of legs and £20,000 for a pair of hands.

The Mike and Chelsea in the Morning show is the hub of the fundraising activity, as the team looks to outdo the £54,000 raised last year.

Toolan left: fundraising push

Presenter Mike Toolan said that they were looking to prove that “Manchester has the biggest heart” and raise as much money as possible.

(Thanks to Steve McNeice for sending this article)

Fellow meningitis amputee Helen Smith offers hope to Harley Slack

Helen Smith knows better than most what brave meningitis lad Harley Slack is going through.

Just like the four-year-old, she too had all four limbs amputated when she was struck down by the disease.

Realising the daunting future he and parents Samantha and Adam face, Helen, 34, has sent them a letter of hope.

She told them: “Harley can lead a full life.” Just 10 years ago the Mirror reported how Helen’s own dreams of a bright future were shattered when she contracted meningococcal septicaemia at 22.

She had just started studying for a doctorate but awoke from a coma to find both legs amputated. Later she had part of both arms removed.

Helen, from Norwich, vowed to lead a normal life but her pleas for realistic-looking prosthetics that worked were turned down because they were only available privately.

But Mirror readers were so moved by her plight they donated over £50,000 to pay new limbs. In a moving letter to Harley’s parents, Helen says: “It breaks my heart to see another child lose all their limbs to this terrible disease.

‘”As someone who has survived this disease I want you to know there is light at the end of a tunnel.

“I can drive, cook, do the gardening, write and draw. I’ve learnt to swim again and done lots of sports. Maybe Harley will be the next Paralympic champ!” Miriam: Page 42


Go online to: To make a donation, send cheques to: Harley Slack Fund c/o David Hulbert, 39 Nottingham Avenue, Brinnington, Stockport, SK5 8ET

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