LimbPower Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville

LimbPower Launches Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium – 15th/16th September 2012

Following the huge success of the Amputee Games, LimbPower are excited to announce the dates of the inaugural Primary & Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, birthplace of the Paralympics.  This exciting event will introduce young amputees and the young ambulant disabled to a range of sporting activities in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

Saturday 15th September will see those aged 6-11 able to try out a variety of sports including athletics, cycling, football, table tennis, tennis and swimming under the guidance of experienced mentors and instructors.  The emphasis is on fun while encouraging the children to have a go at sports and socialise with their peers.

On Sunday 16th September the older children aged between 11-18 will be able to have a go at key Paralympic sports, with instruction from qualified coaches and experienced athletes.  They will be able to try out a wide range of sports including; athletics, Powerlifting, basketball, sitting volleyball, archery, football, cycling, fencing, shooting, table tennis, swimming and tennis.  They will be able to have fun and also perhaps find some hidden talents.  We may even discover the Paralympians of the future!

The Primary & Junior Games will help young amputees to learn new skills, have fun and importantly to discover their potential through sport.  Anyone interested in taking part should contact Kiera Roche from LimbPower on: 07502 276858 or Alternatively registration forms can be downloaded from the website at


For Information:

LimbPower – The British Ambulant Disabled Sports and Arts Foundation was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and improving quality of life through the medium of sports and arts. Registered charity no: 1132829

The Amputee Games were launched in 2008 and have become a much anticipated annual event introducing primary amputees to a wide range of sports, helping many of them with their rehabilitation and leading to a long standing interest in sport, and for some even Paralympic-level success.


The Douglas Bader Foundation played a big part in the Inaugural Amputee Games, which was held on the 13th-14th June, 2008. You can read more about this and other Amputee Games reports by entering Amputee Games in the Search Box at the top right of the Home Page and then scrolling down to select the relevant article. It’s well worth reading the history of this excellent initiative, which is going from strength to strength under the auspices of Kiera Roche and LimbPower, and, with the addition of the Junior Games, now aims to help more amputees and ambulant disabled of all ages to try a sport for the first time.

It’s a wonderful venture and we recommend wholeheartedly that you get along to Stoke Mandeville on the 15th – 16th September if you possibly can and give it a go. The benefits of sport and fitness for amputees and other disabled are well known and this is a great first step.

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