McNamaras Hit Target!

We’ve just heard from Angela McNamara that they’ve hit their fund-raising target of £1,000.00. A fantastic achievement!

As you’ll know if you’ve been reading the News Posts and Blogs, David McNamara, father of BADER BRAVE, Morgan, undertook to complete the gruelling 3 Peaks Challenge to raise funds for the Douglas Bader Foundation, specifically the BADER BRAVES initiative. Ably assisted by his driver, Tony, David achieved this feat, within the time limit, despite having to overcome several difficulties and not a little personal discomfort to do so. If you haven’t already read it, his report of the challenge makes excellent and inspirational reading and can be read HERE.

Angela, David’s wife, set herself her own challenge by determining to raise £1,000.00 on the strength of David’s success. This was no mean feat in itself and has only been achieved through a lot of hard graft and extreme determination. Those of us who have undertaken it know that fund-raising is not easy and quite often a pretty thankless task at the best of times and to raise £1,000.00 in this economic climate is very good going indeed.

However…just because the goal has been reached, please don’t stop donating. Let’s see if we can double it! Thanks to the postponement of the White Waltham Flying Day when David and Angela’s son, Sammy, was going to make his own contribution to the McNamara fund raise by running his own cake stall, the JustGiving Page will be staying open until September 17th to accommodate that so that money raised from Sammy’s efforts can still be included.

You can donate to David’s JustGiving Page by clicking on the following link. (The page may take a bit of time to download):

*Remember that all the money raised will be going to a very good cause. You can learn more about the important work done by the Douglas Bader Foundation BADER BRAVES initiative by going to the BADER BRAVES section of the DBF Website *


The Douglas Bader Foundation is extremely grateful to the McNamara Family for their combined efforts on the charity’s behalf. It’s a wonderful all-round achievement and one they should all be proud of… To date! Of course we still have Sammy’s cakes to look forward to at the Young Aviators Day at West London Aero Club, White Waltham, and hope to see a lot of you there eating them. Only to support the DBF, of course!

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