More on Diabetes – Stem cells can treat diabetic ulcers…

Kolkata, Nov 5 (PTI) With approximately 40.9 million people in India diagnosed with diabetes and one in every six estimated to have an ulcer during their lifetime, umbilical cord banking technology will harvest the right stem cells for them to prevent amputation, experts say.

“Umblical cord banking technology has been found to produce proper stem cells to treat diabetic ulcer to avoid an amputation,” CEO of Singapore-based Cordlife group Steven Fang said.

“Typically, diabetic ulcers are very difficult to heal, but with epithelial stem cells, ulcers can be healed within 45 days,” he said.

Epithelial stem cells, he said, have the potential to rejuvenate skin and mucus membrane to treat non-healing wounds, particularly of patients with diabetic ulcers.

The advanced umbilical cord banking technology has an unique abillity to isolate two cell types to help hasten the healing of general and diabetic foot ulcers or repair injured tissues and organs, he said.

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