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We were contacted by Graeme Robertson, National Events Co-Ordinator for the Disabled Golf Society. His article below should remind those of you who may need reminding about both the pleasure of golf and the physical and psychological benefits it can offer.

Golf was a sport very dear to Sir Douglas’s heart. As he said:

Sir Douglas Bader enjoying a game of golf

“Golf, undoubtedly, is the game that a physically handicapped person

can play on equal terms with others. The great thing about golf is that

you can play it anywhere.” Douglas Bader

Please read Graeme’s report and check out the DGA Website using the link below. If you are able to help Graeme with any of his requests, would like to support the DGA in any other way, or would simply like more information, he’d be delighted to hear from you.


 Graeme reports:



What a year 2012 was for sport, the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Ryder Cup in the USA. The Paralympics have brought disabled sport to the prominence, the ‘can do’ attitude of human will and the power of the mind to overcome adversity.


I am sure you will appreciate the huge therapeutic potential of playing golf and making friends. Members of The Disabled Golf Society are everyday people who happen to have disabilities or have become disabled – ranging from amputees, heart/stroke survivors, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, MS, arthritis, Parkinson’s, blind, partially sighted and deaf.


 DGA was founded in 2010 with a current membership of over 700 (new members daily) and we have had events all over the country (see for details). We had over 40 events in 2012, all over England, Wales and for the first time Northern Ireland and the plans for 2013 are well underway with events and taster sessions, bringing disabled golf to people, keeping travel costs down.


We are a non-for-profit CIC and we are looking for disabled-friendly courses, i.e. reasonably flat, accessible tees and clubhouse and at least 6 2-seater buggies, but also people who realise we are normal people with a love for golf, who have had an accident or been diagnosed with a condition and may be a bit slower on the course.


I have MS myself, can barely walk, but can play 18 holes, I’m not as good as I used to be, but I’m enjoying my life again, my concentration, memory and general well-being has improved so much.


Our website is very popular and is informative to disabled people all over the country.


Any help would be appreciated to keep costs down for our members, we also provide specialist equipment such as adapted clubs and gloves right through to buggies and stand up and play buggies.

As we are a pan-disabled organisation, we need to offer bespoke equipment to suit individual needs

We also run free taster sessions for beginners to create a pathway from beginner to events to internationals (but pros still need to be paid!)

We would also be grateful to receive items we can auction to raise funds. 


The inaugral ‘Auld Enemies Cup’ took place in 2011, a ‘Ryder Cup’ style 3 day matchplay event between the disabled golfers of England and Scotland.

England won in 2011 (Slaley Hall, Northumberland), but Scotland gained revenge this year (Breadsall Priory, Derby)

The event in 2013 will take place at Kinross, north of Edinburgh on 14th, 15th and 16th June 2013.

We are hoping to attract major media coverage and need help to provide transportation, accommodation and kit for the event, because the team is drawn from all over the country the individuals have become media stars in their own right.

We have attracted a lot of media interest from the BBC (TV and radio), golf magazines and newspapers (from local press, right through to centre page of The Sun!

We are an organisation run by volunteers and disabled people.

 It would be great if you could help DGA, to show the power of human mind to overcome adversity and to encourage other disabled people to return to or start playing golf with all the therapeutic values that can bring.”


Kind regards

Graeme Robertson

National Events Co-Ordinator

Tel.: 0118 9790193 /
07932 061680

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