One Hand Hair Ties

Enterprising upper limb amputee, Holly Franklin, frustrated by fruitless efforts to use ordinary hair ties had resorted to cutting her hair and keeping it short until, with true Bader spirit, she decided to tackle the problem a different way by designing her own. These Hair Ties, called 1-UP Hair Ties, are designed to be used by anyone with upper limb deficiency or reduced upper limb mobility whatever the cause.

As Holly says: As an upper limb amputee, the 1-UP has allowed me to do a pony tail one handed and do away with fiddly, less secure hair accessories such as claws and clips.

To find out more, visit her Website:

You can see a short video demonstration of the 1-UP by clicking on this link:

I somehow doubt whether this will be the last of Holly’s helpful inventions so watch this space!

Details will also be found on the Miscellaneous Page: category/miscellaneous/ and on the Limb Loss Information Centre Website:

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