PACE Newsletter 22/5/2014 – Helen Chapman Strides Out!

Press Release – 22nd May 2014


In the few weeks since taking delivery of her vivid pink running prosthesis, forty-six year old leg amputee Helen Chapman, from Walton-on-the-Naize (Essex), has been clocking up the

Helen with her London Marathon Finishers Medal

miles and inspiring others.

As Helen explains, “To finally have a prosthesis that allows me to run has opened up a whole new world for me.”

Helen collected the prosthesis from Pace Rehabilitation’s clinic in Chesham (Bucks) in mid-March.  Since then, she has participated in Limbpower’s ‘Learn to Run’ events, been classified for Paralympic athletics and was a mentor at the Amputee Games in Stoke Mandeville, not forgetting completing the London Marathon!

Helen took a moment from her busy schedule to reflect on her whirlwind couple of months.  “It’s been absolutely crazy!” Adding, “I spent three years being denied a running prosthesis by my NHS centre.  Then a charity called Arctic ONE stepped in and helped fund my ‘blade’ from Pace.  Since then I’ve been able to do so much more and help others along the way”.

Primarily, Helen wanted a running prosthesis for the London Marathon and hoped to beat her previous personal best time.  As she recounted, “As soon as I tried the Ossur Cheetah blade, it just made my running so much easier.”  She continued, “I was able to train really well for the Marathon and couldn’t wait for the race day”.

Resplendent in her pink leg and shorts, with a white Limbless Association running vest, Helen embarked on the challenging race.  As she recalls, “The first nineteen miles felt good, but then my stump stated to swell and cramp up, so I had ease right up.  But the crowd was amazing and I determinedly ran up The Mall to cross the line in a time of 5 hours 30 minutes.  Although I was disappointed not to run the whole distance and was in discomfort, I was absolutely chuffed to beat my personal best time, by an hour!”

The day after the Marathon, Helen appeared on ITV’s This Morning with Pace Physiotherapist Joanna Breslin.  Joanna administered some well-earned post-Marathon massage therapy on Helens legs and said, “Helen deserved some pampering!  Completing the Marathon for anyone is a huge achievement, let alone a leg amputee”.

With time to reflect on her Marathon experiences, Helen has decided to focus on shorter distance, as she explains, “I going to stick to half marathons and am currently in training for a Duathlon which is being organised by Arctic ONE. I want to show my appreciation to them and to Pace for the support they have given me.  Hopefully we can encourage more people with disabilities to get into sporting activities!”

Helen Chapman with Scott Richardson of PACE Rehabilitation. (Photo courtesy of PACE Rehabilitation)


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  1. maggz
    June 3, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Brilliant Helen. Well done in the marathon to keep going and what a result. A personal best. Wow ! A lesson for us all – keep going till the end. You never know what the result might be.

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