Prosthetic to Fashion Statement!


UNYQ fairings and accessories are gorgeous 3D printed embellishments that wrap around your prosthetic leg to restore your shape and define your signature style. No more compromises. No more fake-looking silicone covers. This is about allowing you the freedom to express yourself. Our boutique studios in Seville and San Francisco have an eye for fashion and the latest trends. We’re reshaping the world of prosthetics and are ready to make you look fabulous.

Forget everything you know about prosthetics! UNYQ is introducing 30 limited edition collections of fairings to choose from – all 3D printed – that serve as a starting point for you to realize your own ideas. Our designers and artisans work with you to create your one-of-a-kind pieces. Custom-made and handcrafted to your specifications, each fairing and accessory reflects your personal style.

You’ll be excited to wear your jeans again and they’ll fit you better, too. Your prosthetic leg will be symmetrical and a perfect match for your sound leg. UNYQ allows you to skip traditional channels by selling our prosthetic accessories directly to you at prices that have never been possible before.

UNYQ Diana Schutz

To find out more about UNYQ, please visit their Website by clicking HERE.

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