Research Help Required if you Support Someone with Limb Loss

We’ve been contacted by Sophie Mitchell, a 2nd year Trainee Clinical Psychologist currently undertaking research related to limb loss, at the University of Essex. Like all this research, the results could ultimately benefit amputees, those with limb difference and, in this instance, their families and carers also.  If you’d like to help or require more information, please contact Sophie via the email address below.


Do you provide support to someone who has lost a limb?

Would you be willing to talk about your experiences privately as part of a research project?

I am looking for individuals who provide support to a partner, close friend or family member, who has lost a major limb (i.e. arm or leg) as a result of an illness, trauma or accident to talk about your experiences of coping with this. Interviews will take place on the phone or Skype and will take approximately 30-60 minutes. You will receive a £10 shopping voucher to thank you for your time and effort.

If you are an individual who has suffered loss of a major limb and you know someone who would be suitable to take part, then please pass this advert along to them.

If you are interested in taking part and would like to find out more information, please contact Sophie Mitchell at