Revolutionary Sporting Device for Amputees – American creator coming to the UK.

The inventor (and user) of a revolutionary prosthetic device, which provides the opportunity to transform the sporting capabilities of a person who has lost their leg above the knee, comes to the UK next week.

Brian Bartlett - creator of the Bartlett Tendon

Brian Bartlett - creator of the Bartlett Tendon

The first British users of the Bartlett Tendon (including GB Paralympian John McFall) will meet, share their experiencesand learn from itscreator,Brian Bartlett (pictured)from Seattle, USA.

(Follow THIS incredible link, whichshows Brian in action.  Additional information regarding Brian and the Tendon is also attached).

After nine years of development, Brian now successfully competes in international downhill mountain bike racing competitions, alongside his able-bodied counterparts, with the Tendon.  Thanks to his innovation, other amputees are now benefitting too.

To provide the opportunity to meet Brian and the UK users, to see the device in action, PACE Rehabilitation are hosting an event on Tuesday 23rd March at 2.00pmat aForestry Commission outdoor cycling facility close to their Chesham, Bucks, clinic.

Please register your interest, if you would like further information and to attend this opportunity.

During his visit, Brian will alsopresent and demonstrate the unique design to the military prosthetic team and injured servicemen at Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.  Injured servicemen in the US are currently benefiting from this design and it’s hoped that injured troops in the UK will also be able to getback in the saddle, ski (on snow and/or water) with the help from the Bartlett Tendon.

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