Safer Cycling – A comprehensive new guide by Jonas Greene

We’re grateful to freelance writer, Jonas Greene, who contacted us about his excellent and comprehensive article, a guide to Safer Cycling. Cycling is growing in popularity as a sport and can be a particularly beneficial one for amputees and people with other disabilities not just physically but psychologically and socially too. We are keen to recruit new cyclists to Team Bader Cycling and Jonas rightly felt that his guide would be a useful addition to the DBF Website.

We are always delighted to be contacted by people who feel they have something that could usefully be added to the website for the benefit of amputees and others so do please follow the example of Jonas and others who have sent in helpful and informative articles and content.

You can read the guide by following the link:

It will appear first in the BILL News Posts and Archives and will also be available as a permanent link on the Team Bader Cycling Page along with other useful and relevant information.

You can visit the Team Bader Cycling Page by clicking on the link. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to join Team Bader Cycling or would simply like more information.