Some Information on Bone Cancer and Amputation

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Misunderstanding 1: Osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor

At present, many primary care doctors and even family members of patients still think that osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor, osteosarcoma cannot rule won. Indeed, malignant bone tumor treatment, orthopedic treatment is always a more difficult problem. However, in the past 30 years, due to the application ofneoadjuvant chemotherapy, the survival rate of patients with malignant bone tumors has been significantly enhanced. Foreign reports 5-year survival in patients with osteosarcoma has reached 60% to 75% or even 5-year survival rates reached 80%. Therefore, while early detection, regular treatment of osteosarcoma can control or cure.

Misunderstanding 2: found to be amputated osteosarcoma

Because osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor, history, the standard treatment for osteosarcoma is amputation, but the 5-year survival rate of osteosarcoma was the highest was only 15% ~ 20%. Study found that 90% of the visits when patients with osteosarcoma-existing micro-metastasis in vivo. Thus, even in the doctor’s first line of high amputation, but also control the tumor in the amputation stump of recurrence and distant metastasis; that simple amputation surgery to improve survival in patients with osteosarcoma useless. In contrast, multi-center studies have confirmed the patients with limb salvage therapy did not affect the overall survival rate of limb salvage therapy and patients receiving radical amputation and local recurrence in the survival rate of no significant difference. Now most of the cancer treatment center, 80% of patients were treated with salvage therapy.

Misunderstanding 3: The sooner the better surgery in patients with osteosarcoma

Many families that osteosarcoma patients sooner the better, and even some non-cancer treatment centerpatients with malignant bone tumors in built after the amputation or limb bone tumors limb salvage surgery, then bone cancer patients after transfer into the cancer treatment center receiving chemotherapy, which is completely wrong. Even after these patients received regular chemotherapy, the result invariably is a tumor recurrence and metastasis, for patients and their families caused irreparable disaster. Although another part of the osteosarcoma tumor treatment center startosteosarcoma neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery, however, preoperative treatment for various reasons too little, ultimately affecting the efficacy in patients with osteosarcoma. Because research shows that good after preoperative chemotherapy improved histological response and prognosis ofcancer patients! In the past 30 years, the survival rate in patients with malignant bone tumorssignificantly increased, mainly due to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery, also known as induction chemotherapy in biopsy after diagnosis of cancer, surgery before chemotherapy. The program’s advantages: (1) for the existence of the transfer of cancer patients,neoadjuvant chemotherapy for early treatment of potential metastases, surgery and postoperative recovery time to prevent chemotherapy delays. (2) to give chemotherapy before surgery can shrink the primary tumor, and local edema, tumor and surrounding normal soft tissue became clear boundaries between, salvage treatment is safe and feasible and more. (3) the necrosis rate of tumor samples can determine the prognosis, and chemotherapy after resection provide the basis for the adjustment. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for osteosarcoma has become the musculoskeletal system such as the standard treatment for cancer. Limb salvaged surgery in osteosarcoma neoadjuvant chemotherapy to increase that can improve the effectiveness of surgical treatment of osteosarcoma, and can improve patient survival, numerous studies have confirmed this.

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