Stop Press! ART TO FLY – an exciting new venture for DBF

The Douglas Bader Foundation is very proud to announce the launching of a unique fundraising website www.ArtToFly.orgin this the 100th anniversary of Douglas’ birth and the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain in which he played a part. It’s not an ordinary commercial website, as you will see!

ART TO FLY features a wonderful collection of Aviation themed Original Paintings, Original Drawings, Rare Editions, Collectibles.  Painted by respected Aviation Artists and many signed with the original signatures of Fighter Command legends, Battle of Britain pilots and holders of the VC.

ART TO FLY is a non-profit website. 100% of all profits go to support the Douglas Bader Foundation’s Disabled Children’s Flying Days. Run by the Foundation, this programme gives young children who have lost limbs, or are otherwise disabled, the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight and a day for them and their families to remember.

Please take a look at Testimonials under the heading “About Us” on our website’s navigation bar, and read what Louis Stephen has written about his experience of a Flying Day. He is very disabled but his letter says everything!

We thank you for your past and ongoing support.

David Bickers

Chairman, The Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation is enormously grateful to Pat Barnard who not only had the idea but then put a huge amount of time and effort into turning the idea into this very impressive reality in support of the Bader Braves Flying Days. To quote David Bickers in a paragraph from the Art To Fly Website:

“As many know, Pat Barnard is credited with founding the aviation art business as we know it today, almost single–handed.

When he began publishing aviation art over 30 years ago nobody had thought of the idea of obtaining important and relevant signatures of wartime heroes to accompany those of artists on military art prints. The idea was so new that, understandably, when approached, distinguished ex–military personnel had serious reservations about becoming part of what was to be a commercial enterprise.”

The Bader Braves Flying Days are already a proven success and it’s wonderful to think that, because of Art To Fly, many more disabled children will be able to experience the thrill of what is often their first flight in a light aircraft and to share the fun of one of these Flying Days with their families.

In the words of the Loosemore family who attended the Flying Day at Goodwood, we hope to “put a permanent smile…” on many more faces in the future.

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