Surgeon Suspended for Amputating Wrong Limb of Patient

A case of negligence has been filed against the operating surgeon and a second doctor for causing bodily harm to a patient. The trial is slated to start in the month of November.

On June 16, a woman had gone to a hospital in the Tyrolean town of Sankt Johann for a leg amputation. After the operation, the doctors realised that they have amputated the wrong leg.

According to the prosecutors, the mistake happened when the two doctors were preparing for the operation and it was too late by the time they came to know that they had removed the wrong limb.

The Austrian hospital held human mistake and a failure of safety measures responsible for the mistake.

The surgeon who did the operation had been in practice for the past 25 years, but after this incident he was suspended from his job.

The woman was suffering from vascular disease and had gone to the hospital for the operation, when such an unfortunate incident happened to her.

According to the Agence-France Presse report, the patient who is now 91 years old got her correct leg amputated successfully in a second operation after a few days.

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