Update from KartForce – Great fun for "Unsung Heroes" too!!

We’ve received this update from the excellent Kartforce. I’m assured this is equally available to the “unsung heroes”, so why not get a party together and get in touch with Kartforce. We’re sure that when you’ve seen the video you’ll be inspired to have a go.



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We’ve designed hand controls that can fit to any kart, whether an indoor or outdoor

racing kart.  They can be fitted and removed in minutes.

Our hand controls are flexible and allow single, double and triple amputees to compete

in karting on a total level playing field with able-bodied racers, whether just for fun with

family and friends or competitive kart racing.


Sapper Ash Hall was injured by an IED in July 2010 and only 5 months later has enjoyed

the thrill of karting with hand controls.

Ash is a double amputee but also lost his thumb and suffer other injuries in his left hand.

Watch the video in the link below to see the pleasure this has brought to him and his

family – the smiles say it all – or got to YouTube and search for Kartforce.


This was only his second time out in a kart, ever.  He did a 44 sec lap when ex-Formula 1

racing driver Johnny Herbert did a 42 sec lap with the hand controls – the lap record is

40 sec.

This more than demonstrates that our hand controls give injured lads the rare opportuntiy

to compete on a totally level playing field with non-injured drivers.

Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing our hand controls.



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