WCPLLG Announce 2017 Advancing Healthcare Awards

wcpllg-logo announce the launch of the 2017 Advancing Healthcare Awards.

I welcome the launch of the 2017 Advancing Healthcare Awards for Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists, Apprentices, Support Workers and Technicians. Such initiatives are excellent opportunities to allow our Forum to reach out to share, promote and celebrate the achievements of our many many caring Healthcare Professionals whose skills, knowledge and experiences continue to help many people improve their mobility, independence and dexterity. So I encourage everyone to support and nominate appropriately. Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP

We support and help people affected by limb loss and other disabilities, and so often are able to recognise the many skills and expertise of so many of our caring healthcare professionals. So we are delighted to welcome the Advancing Healthcare National Awards. We particularly welcome the NHS Employers award for the outstanding achievement by an apprentice, support worker or technician as there are too few opportunities for patients and or carers to nominate their own clinicians for appropriate accolades. So we would encourage appropriate nominations from patients and or carers and would suggest that one could also talk to a healthcare professional to aid making suitable nominations. I know from my own experience that it i