“Wooden” Arm Rejuvenates Amputee’s Outlook – See latest PACE Press Release

We’re grateful to Scott Richardson for sending us the latest Press Release from PACE Rehabilitation. It’s truly amazing what’s going on in the prosthetics field and, this particular article struck a chord for me personally too. Tim Madison’s wonderful “wooden” arm with its retro look reminds me of the prosthetic legs worn by Douglas Bader. How he would have loved it though if those legs also had the ingenious functionality that’s incorporated into this extraordinary, innovative arm.

Congratulations to all at PACE on this achievement and to Tim Madison for daring to be different. The end result is an example of teamwork at its best and most inventive and all at the Douglas Bader Foundation wish Tim the very best of luck and success in the future.

* You can visit the PACE Website for more information *

Tim Madison arm inside view

Tim Madison Arm outside view 2

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