About BILL

Welcome to the Bader Information on Limb Loss (BILL). This online resource has been created to guide  individuals with congenital or acquired limb loss and people close to them through the emotional, physical and psychological process of coming to terms with limb loss or to supply advice and support to those already living with amputation or limb difference.

The site is run by members of the Douglas Bader Foundation, with information and contributions coming from a variety of sources. We are always happy to receive comments and feedback and welcome suggestions for inclusion in the site so if you have information or have learned from your own experience things that you think will help, inform or cut corners for other amputees then please do let us know and help us to make BILL a useful resource for all.

Our objectives are to:

  • provide access to the best rehabilitation services possible
  • enable users to find information on new technology, products and services
  • help amputees and those with limb difference to feel more involved and less isolated or alone
  • provide information on obtaining equality and rights in all areas of life
  • point the way to high-quality care and support when and where it’s needed

The BILL Forum:

Unfortunately the BILL Forum does not work satisfactorily in its current format and we are in the process of exploring new options. We will keep you updated with progress. In the meantime, there is LimbLine for a one-to-one chat with one of our amputee Ambassadors for advice, information or maybe just a sympathetic ear. We have a wonderful team of supporters and advisers and will always try to put you in direct contact with a fellow amputee or somebody best able to understand your situation where possible should you feel that would be helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if this would be useful.

Please note that we are currently reviewing the content of the BILL section and some of the pages will be under construction during this time. Much  information available to amputees and those with limb deficiency is now available online and through various government offices and we will be providing links and contact details where possible. We’d be grateful if you could send us any useful ones you come across so that we can let others know about them. 

Please be patient while we make the necessary changes to the site and, more importantly, please contact us with any information you feel would be useful to other amputees or people with limb loss/deficiency.