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Here are some comments from Braves who have already attended:

  • Brave's Name: Jude
  • Event: Young Aviators Day
  • Location: Manchester
  • Date: September 2019
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    Jude says it made me feel better and made me feel like I could achieve more

  • Brave's Name: Rachel
  • Event: Young Aviators Day
  • Location: Sleap Aerodrome
  • Date: June 2017
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    We all had a fantastic time at Sleap. The pilot (Paul) let Rachel fly the plane over Shrewsbury, where we were able to spot some of the landmarks. Paul explained and encouraged Rachel all the time. Rachel was also able to land the plane. A great family day out. Thank you.

  • Brave's Name: Caitlin
  • Event: Young Aviators Day
  • Location: Hull
  • Date: June 2016
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    My daughter has summed this day up!

    Best day ever!

    I only wish I had been able to come with her. So a huge thank you to everyone involved.

  • Brave's Name: Marlon
  • Location: Perth
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    The event was amazing and kids with disabilities got a chance to participate which they don’t always get,adults and young carers had a great time too so many thanks.

  • Brave's Name: Anna
  • Location: White Waltham Airfield
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    Absolutely fantastic, all children loved their flights, and we had excellent pilots (thanks especially to James, my son was most envious to hear he’d been flying since he was 5yo!). To add to the excitement, the police helicopter coming to visit was great for the children to see it in action. Hope to come again!

  • Brave's Name: Raimi
  • Location: Dunkeswell Aerodrome
  • Date: June 2014
  • Rating:
  • Message:

    Words cannot express how grateful we all are to have been involved in such a spectacular day, and with such wonderful people too. Truly restores our faith in human nature, a very big THANK YOU.