76th Anniversary of Bader’s Disappearance – Bader’s Bus Company Still Running!

Today, 9th August, is the 76th Anniversary of the date Sir Douglas Bader failed to return from a mission over Northern France. The origin of the immortal “Bader’s Bus Co. Still Running“.

One of the Douglas Bader Foundation’s most exciting and ambitious projects to date, “Bader’s Bus Company Still Running” is gathering momentum on the runway at an exhilarating rate.

On Saturday, 9 August 1941, legendary Fighter leader Douglas Bader failed to return from a mission over northern France. Brave pilots of Bader’s Tangmere Wing, hoping that he may have baled out into the Channel, immediately launched a search but failed to find him. When there was still no sign of him by nightfall, it was feared that the unthinkable had happened and that this fearless and inspirational leader was lost.

Five days later the news arrived that Bader was a PoW. Air Vice-Marshall Johnnie Johnson wanted to show the wing was still very much up for the fight, embellishing his Spitfire with the immortal words: “BADER’S BUS Co. STILL RUNNING.”

This courage and spirit of indomitability forms the basis of the DBF’s ambitious initiative. Bader’s Bus Company is preparing for take off! More to be revealed in due course. Watch this space……